I really enjoy giving away fun Disney prizes, and I am happy to report that I’ve given away quite a few.  Below is a list of some of the prizes I’ve shared.

About the winners:  As soon as a sweepstakes is over I select and notify a winner.  I may still be waiting for the winners of some recently-ended sweepstakes to get back to me.  If a winner doesn’t respond in the window defined in the sweepstakes rules, I pick an alternate winner.  Only after I have confirmed a winner do I post the name here.  If a sweepstakes still doesn’t have a winner listed, check back later.

About vacations:  While I post information about vacations and trips, I don’t sponsor those prizes directly.  To find out who won a vacation or a trip, please review the sponsor’s rules.

Winners in 2015

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Winners in 2014

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Winners in 2013

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