Top Six Differences that Make Walt Disney World Special

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Guest Co-Host: Derek Hoffman

1 – Story
Everything you experience at Walt Disney World contributes to a story, one that takes you on an adventure to a different time and place.

2 – Cast Members
The food is amazing, the attractions a great, and the technology is state of the art, but it is the people, or Disney Cast Members, that make it all happen.

3 – Sensory Experiences
Whether it is the smell of candy, the sight of the castle, or the sound of the train whistle, Disney surrounds you with unique and memorable experiences.

4 – Interactive Queues
Waiting isn’t fun, but Disney makes it the best possible experience with lines that keep you occupied and introduce you to the story.

5 – History
Whether it is the history of the company that consistently delivers exceptional, family-friendly entertainment, or the history of your family visiting the parks, there is history everywhere at Walt Disney World.

6 – Cleanliness
Where else can you go where even the executives “walk the talk” and constantly keep the park clean?

Top Six Differences that Make Walt Disney Special
Top Six Differences that Make Walt Disney World Special

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