Win Five Figment Trading Pins and Read Fun Figment Trivia

Are you a fan of Figment, the little purple dragon that is the mascot of the Imagination pavilion?

I am.

Figment has a long and winding history.

Before we look at a great Figment prize pack that you can win, let’s take a look at some interesting Figment trivia:

1 – A live walk-around character, Dreamfinder, Figment’s pal, used to wander around the Epcot Imagination pavilion and interact with guests. Dreamfinder held Figment on his arm. Ron Schneider was the Disney cast member who played this part. Dreamfinder and Figment were part of Epcot’s opening day ceremonies on October 1, 1982 even though the Imagination pavilion didn’t open until five months later on March 5, 1983. However, the walk-around character disappeared after about 15 years.

2 – In original concept work, Disney planned for Figment to be a green dragon. However, when Disney presented a detailed design to Kodak, the pavilion’s sponsor, they said that the green color was too close to the color used by film-rival Fuji Film. Disney changed Figment’s color from green to purple.

3 – Figment appeared in animated form in a number of education films by a Disney group called “Epcot Educational Media.” This includes a little-known film called “Would You Eat a Blue Potato?” You can check our part of that film and enjoy some time with Figment.

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4 – There used to be a Disney topiary of Figment in the courtyard in from of the Imagination pavilion at Epcot. That topiary is now gone.

5 – The Imagination pavilion has gone through quite a few changes. The Omnimover attraction started out as “Journey Into Imagination” and then moved to “Journey Into Your Imagination” for the Epcot Millennium Celebration. Not too long after that, a Disney shareholder asked then-CEO Michael Eisner why Figment wasn’t a big part of the pavilion any longer. A 2002 refurbishment gave Figment a bigger role, and the attraction was retitled “Journey Into Imagination with Figment.”

Figment Trading Pins

Let’s take a look at the Disney trading pins one lucky winner will receive:

Figment captures a rainbow of ideas.
Figment captures a rainbow of ideas.
He literally leaps off the page.
He literally leaps off the page.
Aren't all babies cute in their own way?
Aren’t all babies cute in their own way?
Figment - since 1983?
Figment – since 1983?
I like the retro Epcot logo.
I like the retro Epcot logo.

How To Win

You can win all five pins.

Win all five Figment pins.
Win all five Figment pins.

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