The media can really romanticize things like falling in love at the perfect spot, the perfect time, in the perfect light, with a perfect crowd of actors in the background. Disney commercials actually do this pretty well. That’s not how it happens in real life though- at least not most of the time. What really makes memories are those spontaneous moments of affection when you and your significant other can relax and have a good time away from the daily grind that wears us all down. That’s why we go on vacation.

These five spots in Disney World can be great romantic spots for making lasting memories.

1. Prince Charming Regal Carousel

There’s something about the old-time carousel in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland that brings out the innocence and love in everyone. The lights turn on after the fireworks, and it is a beautiful site. Listen to rag-time music as you take in views of Pinocchio’s Village Haus, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan’s Flight, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Cinderella Castle, and Princess Fairytale Hall. Recall your younger and more innocent days as you smile, laugh, and look into the eyes you first fell in love with so long (or not so long) ago.

Reminisce on the old-time carousel in Fantasyland.

Reminisce on the old-time carousel in Fantasyland.

2. World Showcase

Just about anywhere in World Showcase can be romantic. As you walk through the pavilions, you seem to be transported to that land. Share a pizza in Italy, ice cream in France, or a chocolate in Germany.

One of the most romantic places in World Showcase is the Mexico Pavilion. Enter a Mayan Temple and descend into a dimly lit marketplace with souvenirs, tequila, and a boat ride. Outside, the top of the temple is a great place to watch Illuminations: Reflections of Earth since you are high above the buildings and crowds.

The World Showcase is home to a ton of romantic spots!

The World Showcase is home to a ton of romantic spots!

Another great place to relax with your love is Japan’s koi ponds. Enjoy babbling brooks and sake in this surprisingly tranquil spot with a real backyard feel.

3. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

The TTA PeopleMover in Magic Kingdom’s FutureWorld is a high-up tram ride that allows you to sit across from or next to your special someone. Take a break from the noise and crowds down below, and enjoy a slow-moving ride that takes you through some of the more popular attractions in FutureWorld. If you like to do some people watching, this is the place to do it, or just look at each other! No tomfoolery, though! Those cameras are watching you!

4. Asia

Animal Kingdom’s Asia is home to many corridors and alleyways with cute shops, an ice cream truck, unfamiliar music, and the sounds of guests and animals. The ambiance transports you to another world; what could be a better way to fall in love all over again?

The prayer flags in Asia add to the romantic ambiance.

The prayer flags in Asia add to the romantic ambiance.

5. Tower of Terror

I said it was a surprising list.

Think back to the first (or last) scary movie you watched together. You were probably cuddled close together comforting each other to relieve fears. Tower of Terror is arguably one of the scariest rides on Disney Property since it is loosely based on a true story, is unpredictable, and ends with a big drop. Imagine clinging to your sweetheart throughout the ride then exiting to the beauty of Sunset Blvd. Walk the streets, stick around for Fantasmic!, or head back to the resort!

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