Animal Kingdom Asia

Animal Kingdom Asia

The Animal Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World Resort is made up of four sections: Dinoland U.S.A., Africa, Asia, and Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Each of the sections is what you would expect from Disney World Resorts. You will find exciting rides, fun shows and, of course, animals. You will learn, not only about the animals, but also about how each person has a responsibility to protect these creatures and their natural habitats.

Animal Kingdom Asia features some of the most beautiful wildlife in the park, along with two of the most popular rides. Keep reading to learn more about what you will see when you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Asia.

Rides and Entertainment

Maharajah Jungle Trek

The Maharajah Jungle Trek is a great chance for the whole family to spend a little time together. Many of the attractions in Disney World Resort’s theme parks appeal to a certain age group, but this is one of the attractions that is fun for the whole family.

Visit Asia right inside the Animal Kingdom.
Visit Asia right inside the Animal Kingdom.

The Maharajah Jungle Trek is a walking tour that you complete at your own pace. Along the way you will see beautiful murals and ruins that will make you feel as if you are in the jungles amidst ancient secrets.

Most impressively, you will have a chance to see some animals that many will only ever see in pictures. The first creature that you will encounter is the amazing Komodo dragon. These are the largest living species of lizards in the entire world. Did you know that they simply have to bite their prey, and then over the next few days they will become sick and die so that the dragon can eat them up? A little gross, but quite amazing.

As you continue, you will see beautiful Asian tigers. The different viewing areas give you the best chance to see them, no matter what time of day you visit. If you get lucky, you will see the tigers at play.

The Bat Cliffs are home to two types of bat species. Here, you can see both types of bats and learn about these often misunderstood creatures.

Other animals, including more than 50 types of birds will also be part of the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

This attraction is appropriate for all ages and guests that are in a wheelchair may remain in their chair throughout this exhibit.

Kali River Rapids

What could be better on a hot Disney day than the chance to cool off by riding down some gentle rapids on a 12 person raft? That is exactly what you get when you ride on the Kali River Rapids. But be warned: You WILL get wet. Some riders will get completely drenched as the raft maneuvers under water falls and passengers try to dodge the water spewing from geysers.

Guests must be at least 38 inches tall to ride the Kali River Rapids.

Expedition Everest

As you wait your turn to ride on this exciting roller coaster, you will learn about Yeti, more commonly known as the Abominable snowman. While in the queue you will also see a trading post, where those heading to the mountain may stop for supplies, and a travel agency where travelers could work out the details of their trip.

All that you learned about Yeti will come in handy once you get on the ride, because that elusive creature will be trying to get to you and all of the other riders on Expedition Everest! Fear not. The train style roller coaster cars will perform heart stopping drops and twists and turns to escape from the grasp of the Yeti. The train even travels backwards. This adventure ride is one of the most innovative – and expensive – roller coasters every built.

Guests must be at least 44 inches tall to enjoy this ride.

Flights of Wonder

This fun, 20 minute show is a nice break during the middle of a day full of walking and standing in lines. Times for the show, which features more than a dozen types of birds, vary. Be sure to check current schedules for up to date information.

Some of the birds that you might see during Flights of Wonder include the American Bald Eagle, singing parrots and hawks. Be careful – some will fly right over your head. This is a treat for the whole family.


Yak & Yeti Restaurant

Should you get hungry during your time in Animal Kingdom’s Asia, stop into Yak & Yeti’s Restaurant. The Disney Dining Plan is accepted at this casual dining eatery. You will find tempting entrees such as the house signature dish: roasted half duckling with orange wasabi glaze.

If you want to grab something to eat in a hurry, you can choose Yak & Yeti Local Food Café. Here you will find salads, sandwiches and yummy desserts – all served quickly and efficently.

While not actually located in Animal Kingdom Asia, Rafiki’s Planet Watch is worth mentioning. This is a separate area within the Animal Kingdom theme park that has been set aside to teach guests about various methods of conservation. After visiting Asia, consider spending some time at some of the wonderful spots in Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

Conservation Station

If you enjoyed the Flights of Wonder or Maharajah Jungle Trek and Flights of Wonder in Animal Kingdom Asia, then you may have wondered who takes care of all of the wildlife. When you visit the Conservation Station, you will learn about the daily care of the animals and meet some of the people who work behind the scenes to ensure that every animal in the Animal Kingdom park is properly cared for.

Affection Section

For some, the only downside of seeing all of the creatures at Animal Kingdom is that you can’t touch them. While you won’t be able to get your hands on a lion or a rhinoceros to give them a big hug, the Affection Section does allow guests to feed and touch other, gentler, animals – such as llamas and goats. This is a fun place to get up close to some of the gentler creatures in the park.

Habitat Habit

The tamarin is one of the most endangered creatures on the planet, and many people have never seen one. Habitat Habit features these primates in the hopes that when people see what the earth stands to lose, that they will step up and do their part to conserve the earth’s resources and protect creatures such as the tamirin.

Great Fun For The Whole Family At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A visit to Walt Disney World Resort should include a day spent in Animal Kingdom. The Asia section of this theme park has many rides and attractions that will surely become some of your fondest Disney memories.