Disney Vacations

Disney Vacations

With the skyrocketing costs of transportation, food, lodging, and well, pretty much everything plus the kitchen sink, a dream vacation to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida on a budget may seem like an impossibility. However, you may be surprised at your own ability to provide a fun family Disney World Vacation without going completely broke.  You might also be surprised at how much value Disney vacations provide.  You get a tremendous amount of entertainment and family fun for your money at a Disney Resort.

Just how does all this happen? Why with the help of one of Disney’s authorized vacation planners and their extensive knowledge of ways to get discounts, like Walt Disney World Resort’s many vacation packages and special offers, of course. You may find it hard to believe that booking with a few measly discounts can save you that much money, but you must never underestimate the power of a coupon, so to speak!

By planning head you can save money on your Disney vacation.
By planning head you can save money on your Disney vacation.

One of the finest deals available to you when booking your family’s Walt Disney World Resort vacation is the Magic Your Way Package. This package bundles the already-reduced price of a base ticket good for one theme park ticket per person covered by your package per day of your vacation with a dining plan and a stay at one of Disney’s resort hotels. In addition to this basic package, you can include other customizations to add even more value and fun to your Disney vacation.

Such customizations that can be added to your Magic Your Way Ticket Package are the Water Park Fun and More Option, the Park Hopper Option, and the No Expiration Option.

Park Hopper Option

The Park Hopper option allows you access to an unlimited number of theme parks each day covered by your base ticket rather than just one.  Start your day at the Magic Kingdom, then hop over to the Epcot for the evening.  This is a great flexibility to enjoy, especially if your time is limited or if you have visited Disney many times and are just interested visiting some highlights.

Water Park Fun and More Option

The Water Park Fun and More Option gives you a certain number of visits to their water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, as well as some of their other special parks and complexes that are separate from the official theme park areas. This is based on the length of your stay and number of people covered by the package. Addition visits to these other parks can be purchased as well. What better way is there than water park fun to stay cool in the hot Florida sun?

No Expiration Option

The No Expiration Option allows you to negate the expiration date on your Magic Your Way Package, which is usually 14 days after the package start date. That’s right, you can have a Disney Magic Your Way Base Ticket that will never expire. Your ticket will never expire – think about that for a second. Imagine for a moment the strain that takes off of you, the flexibility it gives you on your Disney vacation – no stressing over someone getting sick or being too tired and wasting a day of your hard earned money. You can simply take a rain check for that day and use it later.  And, it gives you a clever excuse to plan a return trip to take advantage of your unused days.

What Else?

Besides theme park tickets, the Magic Your Way Package allows you to reduce the cost of other things like lodging, dining, and even transportation.


You may be thinking that rather than staying in one of Disney’s – you assume – overpriced resort hotels, it may be easier to stay in one of the many hotels near Disney World instead. Think again.

First off, with the advantage of the discounts offered by your Magic Your Way Ticket, room rates for stays most nights at select Disney resort hotels can be reduced to make them well within your budget range. The Magic Your Way Package can be customized to include a stay with at least one resort hotel in each price range from the value resort hotels to the moderate to the luxurious and deluxe. So it is almost certain that you can find one to fit the needs of your family and your budget, especially with the help of your personal travel agent.

Second, there is the convenience factor to consider. At a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you are guaranteed to get the finest in accommodations, including comfortable beds, readily available room service, attached restaurants, and on site entertainment – like a channel that plays your favorite Walt Disney movies 24/7 and a fun family recreation area. Also, by staying in a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, you don’t have to worry about paying for parking or a rental car.  After you figure in the cost of those things, any slight reduction in price that may have been achieved by booking a room at a hotel near Walt Disney World will be a moot point.

Other Complementary Features

You may be assuming you need to worry about a rental car and parking anyway if you are flying in and need to get from the airport to Walt Disney World. Hold on to your Mickey Mouse ears, folk! As part of the Walt Disney Magic Your Way Vacation Package, you get complementary airport pick up and drop off. The package also gives you free package delivery from any of the shops in Walt Disney World Resort to your resort hotel. This means that your shopping won’t be limited by how many bags you’re willing to haul around the theme parks with you all day.  Your purchases magically appear in your room each night.

Combine those benefits with the restaurant gift certificate and commemorative luggage tag featuring a Disney design of your choosing – per person – and you must admit, with the Magic Your Way Package, you can’t go wrong.

Adding to the discounts, there’s also convenience in a phone call that awaits you. By contacting your Disney authorized travel agent today, you can discuss what kind of cheap Disney World Resort vacation your budget can get you, or any other Disney vacations for that matter! Be sure to always ask if there are any special discounts, promotion codes, or deals that can be applied to your vacation – who knows, you may get a free dinner show or restaurant gift certificate. Remember, “how can I get more for less?” should be at the top of the list of frequently asked questions encountered by a Disney authorized travel agent. So, don’t be an oxy-moron, ask away, and get a cheaper Disney World Vacation without a cheaper Disney World experience.