Disney Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach

Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park is one of the two water parks on the Disney property in Florida. It has one of the earth’s fastest and tallest freefalling waterslides. Amongst the many features at this park are attractions for the whole family, such as a snow castle and kid sized fountain play area with a few scaled-down versions of the adult-sized rides.

What’s The Story Behind Blizzard Beach?

The story behind Blizzard Beach has been told for a long time.  There was a freak snowstorm – something very rare in sunny Florida. Almost instantly, a ski resort just sprang up. It had iceberg walkways and toboggan slides. Trouble was, as the weather returned to normal, the resort began to melt away. What could be done to preserve this rare and fun zone? Wandering by the area, an enterprising alligator made a quick decision to seize the opportunity and he slid down the ski jump without snow, while shouting all the way. And the fun started right then and there. Your family can have the same amount of fun that the entrepreneurial alligator had by trying out the toboggan slides, the waterslide for big kids, and the other attractions in this well-loved Disney theme park.

Blizzard Beach tells a great story and offers great watery fun.
Blizzard Beach tells a great story and offers great watery fun.

Families can keep cool at Blizzard Beach all day long.  As you enter the park it’s a great idea to plop your personal stuff in a rented locker. This saves you taking it around with you and trying to hang on to it as you whirl around on the big thrill rides.  It can be difficult trying to hold onto your jewelry, glasses, hats, and other things as you plunge down an almost vertical, 360 foot long, 13-story high flume — which goes through a darkened tunnel and reaches speeds of up to 60 mph! You can also stay cool here by wearing water shoes or other footwear such as flip-flops. Water shoes also allow you to climb those stairs with no worry about slipping – and they will help keep your feet cool as well.

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park offers fun in the sun - all with a snowy theme.
Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park offers fun in the sun – all with a snowy theme.

Feel like splurging a little for special treatment?  You can rent your own patio area – a great idea for a little pampering at Blizzard Beach. For those who like to relax, an oasis within an oasis. These retreats are shaded by an umbrella and have a cooler wooden deck to them. While relaxing here you get a cooler which is stocked with bottled water and ice, several all-day drink mugs, your own private locker, and towels for six people. There’s also waiter service and a personal attendant, so that everyone in your group will feel special.

Guest Services

Any Disney cast member can help you with information on how to best enjoy your day at Blizzard Beach – from helping you find and rent lockers to pointing out where you can locate an ATM. The Disney lifeguards at the water parks undergo rigorous training, so you can feel good about being in a safe environment.

Special Features at Blizzard Beach

  • Raft rides, a wave pool that’s an acre in size, a kids’ play area called Tyke’s Peak, and some intense waterslides. One waterslide, called the Summit Plummet, is the fastest and tallest slides in the entire country.
  • Dining at Blizzard Beach is the same as dining at any Disney attraction or resort — satisfying and filling! Here at the park they have quick service restaurants, as well as an outdoor pool bar. You can get a meal and drink package which includes lunch, snacks, dinner, and cool drinks.
  • Be sure to look up a calendar for Disney’s Blizzard Beach operating hours, special events, and operational updates.  The Disney water parks to close on occasion for maintenance, and you don’t want to be surprised.
  • If you’re staying at one of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels transportation is free throughout the property. Most of the beach busses also go to Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Buses arrive and leave for Blizzard Beach from and to many of the other theme parks and the Ticket And Transportation Centers.
  • If you are traveling by car, self-parking is free!  This is a nice change from the expensive car parking at the Disney theme parks.

Interesting Facts About Blizzard Beach

  • The park opened in 1995 and was the third Disney water park. It came after Disney’s original water park, River Country and also Typhoon Lagoon.
  • The water is heated in all areas to about 80° except for melting slow at Cross Country Creek, within the ice caves.
  • Summit Plummet is a main attraction at this park – it’s 120 feet tall, with guests reaching 60 mph on the slide. There’s a minimum height requirement here of 48 inches. Until the opening of Beach Park in Brazil, Blizzard Beach was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the fastest and highest waterslide in the world.
  • One of the few side-by-side racing slides in the world, the Downhill Double Dipper is located on Mount Gushmore. Slides here are 50 feet high and 230 feet long. You can get up to speeds of 25 mph while sitting on an inner tube. You race against the person in the other lane.
  • Toboggan Racers is a unique, 250 foot long, eight-lane waterslide sitting next to Snow Stormers. Guests ride over thrilling dips as they make the descent along the slopes of Mount Gushmore. This feat is accomplished by laying on your stomach as you enjoy the thrill of a toboggan-style mat, while rushing towards the finish line

Water Fun In The Florida Sun

Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a thrilling and very cool way to enjoy the Florida sunshine. The water park is easy to access and the bus stops are convenient, frequent, and shaded. Disney transportation systems take you anywhere you want to go the property and you can go from Blizzard Beach and enjoying the water to fireworks in the Magic Kingdom — and all on the same day. After a stop at your Disney resort for a quick change of clothes you can be off to meet up with Tinkerbell and Cinderella and the rest of the gang.