Belle is popular, so the wait times get long.

Where to Use FastPass+ at The Magic Kingdom

The old paper-based FastPass plus is now part of Disney history;  it’s no longer available. Let’s observe a moment of silence.

Ok, long enough.

Now it’s all about FastPass+.

Just like with the old FastPass system, the new FastPass+ allows you to reserve a return time window that is one hour long. You can return at the appointed time and enjoy the attraction with little or no wait.

FastPass vs. FastPass+

There are quite a few differences between the old FastPass and the new FastPass+. While this isn’t a complete list of differences – we will save that for another day – let’s look at few:

  • You can make your reservations in advance (at least for some categories of people; who can reserve and how far in advance is still in flux as of the writing of this article).
  • You can only get FastPass+ for one park in a given day.
  • You can’t get two FastPasses for the same attraction.
  • You can only make three reservations per day.

Let’s focus on that last item:  just three reservations per day.

In the old days, skilled Disney fans could get quite a few FastPasses in a single day, especially if they were experienced in using the system. It was possible to get four, five, or even more FastPasses.

That won’t happen anymore.

This means that you need to be more careful, more strategic, and more deliberate when you select your three FastPass+ reservations.

Where should you use those three limited FastPass+ reservations? Let’s take a look at some suggestions:

Definitely use FastPass+

Peter Pan’s Flight

It’s not high tech, unless you think black lights are high tech. Neither is it new  – it’s been there since the opening day on October 1, 1971 – but there is something about Peter Pan’s Flight that makes it a favorite. A long wait is nearly guaranteed. Maybe it is nostalgia. Maybe it is living out the fantasy of flying. Whatever it is, your FastPass+ will be well spent here.

Peter Pan's Flight is a good use for FastPass+.
Peter Pan’s Flight is a good use for FastPass+.

Ariel Meet & Greet

Get a hug and a picture with Ariel as she looked when she was in the sea, complete with mermaid tail. You can only do it at this meet and greet location in Fantasyland. Perhaps that is why there is always a long wait.

Enchanted Tales With Belle

In Enchanted Tales With Belle, you get a chance to see a talking wardrobe and a princess in a yellow dress. You also get a chance to be a part of the show. The beautiful surroundings and interactive nature of this attraction make it very popular with wait times that regularly reach 60 minutes.

Belle is popular, so the wait times get long.
Belle is popular, so the wait times get long.

Princess Fairytale Hall

If your little princess wants to see a real Disney princess, and you aren’t interested in spending big bucks for a Disney character breakfast, this is the place to go. Unfortunately, every princess in the land knows about this place, so it’s almost always packed.

The Disney Mountains

Space, Splash, and Big Thunder:  the three Disney mountains in the Magic Kingdom often have long waits. You will rarely go wrong using one of your limited FastPass+ reservations for these attractions.

Big Thunder Mountain can have long lines.
Big Thunder Mountain can have long lines.

Buzz Lightyear

Unless you hit this ride early in the morning or late in the day, it will likely have a long wait – as much as 45 minutes. If you are a fan of Buzz or if you enjoy interactive games, spend a FastPass+ here.

Maybe Use FastPass+

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is a people eater – not in the haunted menacing sense, but in the sense that it can accommodate 3,200 guests each and every hour of the day. This means that unless the park is really full, you will often find the queue at 20 minutes or less.

Haunted Mansion?  It's a FastPass+ maybe.
Haunted Mansion? It’s a FastPass+ maybe.

The Jungle Cruise

It’s not often that you will see a wait time of more than 30 minutes for The Jungle Cruise. Still, the wait times do creep up on occasion, so if you are a big fan of this wise-cracking adventure, you may want to reserve a spot with FastPass+.

Under The Sea – The Journey Of The Little Mermaid

Estimates say that Under The Sea can handle up to 2,000 guests per hour. That’s a lot of people. So while wait times do grow when the park is very busy, often you don’t need to use a FastPass+ for this attraction unless it is on your “must see, no matter what” list.

Under The Sea can serve many people every hour.
Under The Sea can serve many people every hour.

Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The standby queue for the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has lots of interactive elements, so even when you have to wait in the standby line, it doesn’t seem like a long wait. Still, the wait time can exceed 40 minutes sometimes.

Main Street Electrical Parade

One of the often-overlooked advantages of FastPass+ is that it allows you to schedule not just attractions but also selected parades and evening spectaculars too. If you like the Main Street Electrical Parade (and who doesn’t?), you can use one of your FastPass+ reservations to enter a VIP area roped off just for you. The reserved viewing area located in front of Cinderella Castle. Not only do you not have to guard your little section of pavement for an hour or more before the parade, but you get amazing views of the parade with the Castle as a backdrop.

Skip FastPass+


Back in the day when Dumbo was located behind Cinderella Castle, the wait times got to be astronomical. Now that Disney added a second ride and moved it back to the hinterlands of Storybook Circus, the standby waits are rarely more than 15 minutes.

No need to use FastPass+ on Dumbo.
No need to use FastPass+ on Dumbo.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

This wonderful 3D movie can seat nearly 500 guests in each performance. That means that you usually wait only for the prior performance to clear out before you get your seat. Translation? You will rarely wait more than 15 minutes.

It’s a small world

You can usually get into a boat in 20 minutes or less. The line tends to grow only when the crowds in the park are huge or when there is a breakdown.

The lines for it's a small world are usually short.
The lines for it’s a small world are usually short.

Monsters Laugh Floor

I think the standby wait time for this show is permanently set at 15 minutes. Just like with Mickey’s PhilharMagic, you typically have to wait for the previous audience to clear out, but don’t have to wait much more than that.

On what rides do you suggest using FastPass+?