You can pay to skip lines at Disney World.

Pay to Skip Lines at Disney World – Legally and Expensively

Disney has had to deal with some controversies recently.

After spending $1 billion to roll out the FastPass+ system, many people had doubts about the end result. Yes, you could schedule attractions for certain times without lines, but does the system take the spontaneity out of vacations? What else could Disney have done with that kind of money?

In addition, Disney had to deal with bad publicity about some of the 1% hiring “disabled tour guides” to help them skip lines.

Disney reacted to that controversy by getting rid of the old Guest Assistance Card (GAS) and replacing it with the Disability Access Services (DAS) to help provide accommodations to people with special needs.

Then, just as soon as Disney launched DAS, they made adjustments in an attempt to calm down some angry folks.

They even have had to deal with lawsuits over the whole matter of DAS.

What do all these issues have in common?


People don’t like to wait in lines, so whenever it looks like people are cheating the system or Disney isn’t doing things as well as they can, people get fired up.

You Can Pay to Skip Lines

Did you know that anyone can actually pay to skip lines at Walt Disney World? Did you know that process is offered directly by Disney, so it is completely legal and legitimate? Did you know this system has been in place for a long, long time?

You can make this happen with a VIP Tour Guide if you have the means to pay for it.

You can pay to skip lines at Disney World.
You can pay to skip lines at Disney World.

Let’s take a look:

What is a Disney VIP Tour Guide

Before we look at what a tour guide can do for you, let’s cover what they can’t do. They can’t take you to the front of every line so you have zero wait.

However, they can do the next best thing. They can get you into the FastPass entrance for any attraction. Usually the wait for a FastPass line is less than 15 minutes, and many FastPass lines have no wait at all.

A VIP Tour Guide can lead a tour with up to ten guests in all four Disney parks, and keep in mind that you still need to purchase park admission tickets.

What Else Can a VIP Tour Guide do?

In addition to being your personal, all-day, unlimited FastPass ticket, your Guide will work with your traveling party to make a plan for your trip. What are you must-do items? They can help you make sure you get to them.

Your Guide will also pick you up at your hotel at the start of the day and drive you to a back-door entrance in the park of your choice, nearest the attraction of your choice. Given that Disney transportation is efficient but can be a bit pokey, this can definitely save you some time. They can also whisk you from park to park in the same way, helping you save quite a bit of time if you are planning to do some park hopping.

Disney VIP Tour Guides can also help to arrange for special seating at parades, shows, and even get you a particular seat on an attraction. That’s a nice touch if you would like to be in the front row of the Rock N Roller Coaster. While they can’t necessarily make any request come true, you can ask, and there is a good chance they can help you out.

Disney VIP Tour Guides can make your special requests come true.
Disney VIP Tour Guides can make your special requests come true.

Also, nearly all Tour Guides will be very familiar with Disney park history and trivia, so they can be a good source of information.

Finally, you can also rest assured that Disney only picks their very best Cast Members to be VIP Tour Guides. They will offer you the highest levels of customer service, so you are nearly guaranteed an extraordinary experience.

What does it Cost to use a Disney VIP Tour Guide?

All these perks are incredible, but they come with a high cost.

The price depends on whether you are staying in a Disney resort hotel and whether you are visiting during a holiday season. The prices for a guide starts at an eye-popping $315 per hour for Disney resort guests during a non-holiday period and go up to $380 per hour for non-resort guest during a holiday period. Disney requires a six hour minimum, so you are talking about spending at least $1890 and could spend quite a bit more depending on your circumstances and the amount of time you hire the Guide.

Is A VIP Tour Guide Worth It?

Is a Tour Guide worth it?  I think the better question is “can I afford it?” Using a Disney VIP Tour Guide would certainly allow you to see and do much more at Walt Disney World especially during the busiest seasons when you will otherwise spend a lot of time waiting in lines along with the rest of us in the 99%.

You might try to run the math and figure out how you could accomplish your Disney touring goals so that you can pay for fewer days in the parks and therefore “save” some money, but really, this is a luxury. It’s not a service with a real financial payback .

However, as Ferris Bueller once said, “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

Would you like to pay to skip lines at Disney World? Ever hire a Disney Tour Guide?