Disney is rolling out adjustments to DAS.

Disney Makes Adjustments to Disability Access Service (DAS)

First, Disney had to deal with the upsetting news that some rich folks were taking advantage of handicapped ‘tour guides’, and abusing the old Guest Assistance Card (GAC) program to skip lines.

Then, Disney received plenty of mixed feedback on their proposed solution: the Disability Access Service (DAS) that was meant to curb abuses and create a more even playing field for disabled and able-bodied guests alike. However, the design of the DAS, which required that disabled people wait for attractions based on the standby queue times, upset many folks.

Now, Disney is clarifying, or some would say adjusting, the new Disability Access Service just days after it launched.

Disney is implementing adjustments to DAS.
Disney is implementing adjustments to DAS.

Here is some additional information from the Disney blog in question and answer format. The analysis is my understanding, which is based on my interpretation on the information available:

Question: Does the DAS Cardholder have to be personally present to obtain the return time?

Answer: No. Another member of the party can get the return time, but the DAS Cardholder must board the attraction along with his or her party.

Analysis: Some people were concerned that the DAS Cardholder might have to travel all over the park collecting return times. It seems that another member of the DAS Cardholder’s party can take care of some of the running around for them.

Question: What if a Guest is concerned that DAS won’t meet their needs?

Answer: Disney is committed to working with guests individually to provide assistance. Guests should visit Guest Services to discuss their needs.

Analysis: Does this mean that some guests will not have to wait, even if that wait doesn’t take place in the queue? Could be. According to a post by MousePlanet, Disney might offer an accommodation that allows a Guest to access some attractions without having to obtain a return time. Another accommodation might be to allow a guest to ride an attraction multiple times without obtaining a return time. If that is true, it means some disabled guests won’t have to wait. On the other hand, a Cast Member leak on Tumbler says that a DAS does not provide immediate access to any attraction. There might still be some confusion on this front, but it seems that Disney is going to be at least somewhat flexible.

Question: Does the DAS Cardholder have to ride the attraction at the exact return time listed?

Answer: No. The return time is valid until it is redeemed.

Analysis: Unlike the case with FastPass, it seems that Disney is not defining or enforcing a strict return window. The DAS Cardholder can utilize the pass anytime after the designated return time.

Question: How long is a DAS Card valid?

Answer: The DAS card is good for up to 14 days, depending on the guests admission ticket.

Analysis: There was talk that people would have to get a new DAS card every day. It seems that is not the case.

Question: Is the DAS wait time exactly same as the standby wait time?

Answer: No. According to a Cast Member leak on Tumbler, the DAS wait time is to be written as ten minutes less than the standby wait time for the general public.

Should Disney make even more adjustments to DAS?