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Rich Pay Disabled Fake Family To Help Them Skip Lines At Disney World

Most people go to Disney and a have a safe, enjoyable, and overall terrific vacation. But sometimes craziness happens that just makes you doubt your trust in humanity.

Stories like a disabled man who sued Disney and won $8,000 because he was stuck on It’s A Small World for 30 minutes. Or stories about trespassers / urban explorers like Adam The Woo (a hero or criminal, depending on who you ask) who get banned from visiting Disney World for life.

Now comes a story that is almost too crazy to believe.

Disabled Tour Guides For Hire

The UK sites The Daily Mail (Source) and The Sun (Source) report an amazing story. Now these types of British news sites can be a bit sensational. But if this one is true, it is a whopper.

Are people paying the disabled to help them skip lines?
Are people paying the disabled to help them skip lines?

In this case the sites are reporting that rich Manhattan moms are hiring disabled people to accompany them during their time in the parks. These ‘tour guides’ pretend to be family members. Since they ride around in a scooter with ‘handicapped’ sign on the back, they are able to enter attractions with little waiting. And these disabled guests, the reports say, can bring the rest of the fake family along with them.

All this means that the rich tour Disney without waiting like the rest of us.

One of these mom’s reportedly said “This is how the one percent does Disney.”

High Cost, Highly Secretive

These disabled tour guides reportedly charge more than $1,000 for an eight hour tour in the parks.

The Sun quotes a doctor as saying that the information on how to rig the Disney queue system is considered insider knowledge that few people have, and only share carefully.

Tour Company Responds

The tour operator, Dream Tours, denied that the disabled tour guide is hired out to help the rich skip lines. They did say that their guide does use scooter on the job, and but she has an auto-immune disorder.

On the tour guide’s web site, the “VIP Tours” section now has a statement that “Due to inaccurate press and slander, Dream Tours is not offering VIP tours at this time.” And their Facebook page has a statement that “We were advised by our attorney to make no statements at this time.”

What do you think about these disabled tour guides?