Animal Kingdom Park

Animal Kingdom

One of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World resort is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is a favorite among visitors of all ages. With a variety of rides, shows and VIP tours – not the mention the 1700+ animals that roam on more than 500 acres – it is easy to see why visitors keep coming back to Disney’s Animal Kingdom again and again.


There are many attractions in this park, and you will find something to interest every family member no matter their age. Below are a few examples of what you will find when you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Kids of all ages can spend some time working in the dirt like a real paleontologist. This pretend dig is sure to yield a bone. Even some teens love this attraction, and it will be difficult to drag the little ones away.

Disney's Animal Kingdom park has so much to explore.
Disney’s Animal Kingdom park has so much to explore.

Visitors often forget that they are in Florida as they meander through the jungle in an open air vehicle. You will see free roaming giraffes, lions, zebras and many more animals. Not surprisingly, Disney spared no expense to recreate the jungles where these beautiful creatures live in the wild. You will get the sense of being on a real African safari. This is an experience that you will never forget. Because the animals are roaming free, this attraction is worth visiting over and over again as you never know what you might see.

Kali River Rapids

If you want to have a little fun and cool off at the same time, make a stop to the Kali River Rapids. Take a raft ride down the gentle “rapid” where you are sure to get wet as you pass under the waterfalls and splash through this thrilling ride.

Expedition Everest

Thrill seekers would not consider a visit to any Disney park complete without a ride on an exciting roller coaster. Expedition Everest will satisfy your need for speed and thrills. Be careful as you ride this coaster, because you are not alone on this mountain! Keep your eyes peeled for Yeti, who is known to make an appearance to try and scare away intruders.

Expedition Everest is a centerpiece ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Expedition Everest is a centerpiece ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

When you visit the jungles of Africa or Asia, part of the charm is the lush greenery. Hiking through the jungle is an experience that you would never forget, and Disney has brought that experience to Florida on their Discovery Island Trails. You will get lost in a sea of beautiful trees and other flora and fauna, some of which you may have never seen before. As you walk along the paths, you will see a variety of creatures including kangaroos, giant turtles and more than two dozen others.

This attraction is fully accessible for those who use wheelchairs or scooters.

Conservation Station

This attraction is not only fun, but it teaches important lessons as well. Visitors to the Conservation Station will learn about how the animals in the park are cared for both on a daily basis and when medical issues arise.

There are also show and games, so please check the events calendar for up-to-date information about such activities.

The reason that the Conservation Station exists, in addition to providing a memorable experience for Disney World guests, is to teach those guests the importance of animal conservation. Learn about the efforts Disney makes in this important endeavor as well as what you can do to help ensure the survival of the earth’s most vulnerable creatures.

Affection Station

The little guys and gals in your group will enjoy the chance to feed, pet, and hug a variety of animals including goats, llamas, and many others.  You will even have the chance to groom some of the animals. This is a fun hands-on experience that you’ll remember long after your visit is over.


In addition to the attractions, you will also find plenty of live entertainment when you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These include exciting parades, demonstrations with live animals, and live shows like Finding Nemo – The Musical and the very popular Festival Of The Loin King. Because the schedule is always changing, be sure to check an events calendar to learn what types of shows are available during your stay.


There are several dining options in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You will be able to choose between American, African and Asian inspired dishes. Some of the dining options include:

There are also fast food cafes and small stands selling a variety of food items in the park.

Special Experiences

Taking part in one of the special, behind-the-scenes experiences offered at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a must if you want to get the most out of your visit. There are several options. Some last just a few hours, while others take an entire day. Each provides a look that ordinary ticketholders to the park will not get to see. Two examples are described below.

Backstage Safari

This fun adventure lasts about three hours. You will get a behind the scenes look at how the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are cared for on a daily basis. You will get to talk with animal handlers and learn what they do to keep all the animals happy and healthy, and you might even be able to lend a hand in caring for some very special animals.

Wild Africa Trek

Many adventures claim to be unique, but THIS is truly a one-of-a-kind adventure. During this VIP tour, you will get up close with some of the most amazing creatures in the park. Sure, you could just watch the handlers deal with the hippos and crocodiles, but that would not make for much of a story when you got back home.

Instead, you will dangle over these creatures while wearing a harness. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of their every move. This is SURE to be an adventure that you will never forget.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has something for everyone. Be sure to set aside a day or two during yoru visit so that you can enjoy all that this theme park has to offer.