Complain At Disney World

Three Ways To Complain At Disney World

Each year millions of people visit Disney World and have simply terrific experiences, creating magical memories with their friends and families that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Perhaps because so many people have had terrific experiences with all kinds of Disney products and services in the past, we tend to have higher expectations of everything Disney. That, together with the fact that the vast majority of Disney Cast Members truly love their work and their employer – and work hard to make your day special – typically means that everyone has a terrific experience.

Problems Do Happen

But mistakes do happen, and problems crop up – even at Disney World. When they do, it is best to remember that we are all human. And the old and tired idiom stands true – you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

When you need to raise a concern, be firm but factual, remember your manners, and it is very likely that you will get satisfaction.

Here are some tips on how to most effectively complain at Disney World.
Here are some tips on how to most effectively complain at Disney World.

Here are three ways you can register your complaints for issues at Disney World.

1 – Ask For The Manager

Whether it is a problem with your Disney Resort Hotel room or a cast member who did something rude or unsafe, ask for a manager at the location where the event happened. Explain the situation calmly and factually. The manager will very likely deal with the situation right away and you can be on your way.

I remember once I experienced a fiasco with room keys and door locks at Disney’s All Star Music Resort. It involved being locked out of my room for several hours, being told to wait for a service technician to show up at the room who never showed up, and several very long walks back and forth from the room to the front desk late at night.

I explained the issues to the front desk manager, who offered a free meal. Since I was getting ready to depart and a free meal wouldn’t do me any good, I instead asked for an adjustment to the bill – which they gladly made.

I don’t suggest that you “work for” some type of compensation for every single issue. Sometimes rides break down, or room fixtures break. Little things happen, you deal with them, and move on. But if the issue was significant, it is fair to ask for a reasonable adjustment.

2 – Visit Guest Relations

Sometimes you don’t realize that there was an issue until later, or you don’t feel comfortable addressing an issue on the spot. Another option is to visit Guest Relations, which is located near the entrance of each park. Same procedure applies here: politely explain the situation, and the Cast Member will very like deal with the situation and make you whole.

3 – Write The Company

While it is best to make your opinions known while you are still on Disney property, you can also write the company once you get back home. The address you need is:

Walt Disney World Guest Relations
P.O. Box 10000
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Remember To Register Compliments Too

It seems that many folks these days are quick to complain and slow to compliment. That’s a shame.  People and organizations also need feedback when they do a good job. And many folks at Disney World go above and beyond the call of duty every day.

The same rules apply with compliments. A compliment is best handled as close to the time of the good event as possible. But in this case, a written letter sent from home to Disney after your vacation is over will also get added to the Cast Member’s employment file, and he or she will appreciate that when it comes time for promotions or salary increases.

Life Happens

Things do happen. And when they do, you can follow these steps to work with Disney to make things right. The Disney Company has a strong reputation for customer service, and much more often than not they will deal with your issues and you can go on with your vacation.

Have you ever had an especially good or bad experience at Disney World?