Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort was the second Disney value resort to open at Disney World. Together with All-Star Movies and All-Star Sports, it forms an enormous value resort complex in the Disney’s Animal Kingdom resort area.

The resort celebrates Broadway, country, rock and roll, jazz, and calypso music each have their own pair of three-story buildings dedicated to that style of music. The resort is festooned with enormous musical instruments, musical notes and vinyl records decorate every railing, and the resort’s two pools even mimic the shape of a guitar and a grand piano.

Navigating the Notes

At the head of the resort is Melody Hall, which features the Main Lobby and check-in desk, the Intermission food court, the Note’able Arcade, and Maestro Mickey’s shop where guests can buy souvenirs, snacks, and sundries. Upon exiting Melody Hall, the path leads visitors directly to the body of the guitar-shaped Calypso pool, in between the two Calypso music buildings. The neck of the guitar points directly down the central path that splits the resort into nearly symmetrical halves. Past Calypso is Jazz Inn, with a building on either side of the path. The path now leads directly to the Piano pool, which takes the shape of an elegant grand piano. Here the resort widens, and the remainder of the buildings form an oval around the Piano pool. To the right is Rock Inn, Broadway Hotel is to the left, while the Country Fair buildings sit on the far side of the pool.

Disney's All Star Music features colorful icons like this one for the calypso area.
Disney’s All Star Music features colorful icons like this one for the calypso area.

Each musical style is instantly identifiable thanks to the oversized emblems that bring them to life. The entrance to Calypso is decorated with an amazing xylophone bridge, and the buildings feature three-story pairs of maracas. An enormous drum set greets you as you enter Jazz Inn, and huge brass instruments as well as silhouettes of jazz musicians carry on the theme. The giant speakers, electric guitars, and juke box at Rock Inn are unmistakable. A huge theatre marquis welcomes you to Broadway Hotel, where top hats and white-topped canes march you along your way. Finally, what better to represent Country Fair than a pair of massive cowboy boots?

Intermission Food Court

The extensive Intermission Food Court can seat 500 people, and features a good selection of quick service dining options. This is the only place to dine at the All-Star Music Resort, but fortunately the various counters offer guests a bit a variety in their choices. Fast food standards such as burgers, pizza, and chicken are available. Sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, and barbeque can also be found here, as well as standard hot breakfast items in the morning.

The walls of the food court’s seating area are covered in murals featuring musicians that represent every style of music the resort celebrates.

The food court is part of Melody Hall, the resort’s main building. As the one dining area for this large resort, expect that lines during peak meal hours will be long, and tables in high demand.

If you want food delivered via room service, your options are more limited still. Pizza, salads, and snacks are the only room service food options. It is also possible to order various beverages, including beer.

Family Suites

Of all the Disney Value Resorts, All-Star Music is one of the few to offer family suites (another being Disney’s Art of Animation Resort). While the standard hotels rooms at the other value resorts have accommodation for up to four persons, the family suites can sleep six. This is a great option for larger families or two families vacationing together.

These suites have a double bed in the master bedroom area, with a sofa and chair in the living area that convert into another double bed and two single beds. The suites are equipped with two full bathrooms and also a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave.

These suites are a better value than paying for two separate hotel rooms, so vacationers on a budget can stretch their Disney dollar that much further by fitting their group into a suite.

Transportation from All-Star Music

In addition to fewer amenities, the location of Disney World’s value resorts are one of the reasons that they are more affordable. The All-Star trio of resorts are not within easy walking distance of any of the theme parks, and are nearly as far as it’s possible to be from the ever popular Magic Kingdom.

For guests who do not have their own car, or who prefer not to deal with parking, hopping on a bus is the only way to get to the parks or to Disney Springs. The All-Star Music Resort is one of the largest resorts in terms of numbers of rooms, and so many guests can lead to lines to board these buses at peak times of the day.

Disney's All Star Music violin
Giant musical instruments are part of the fun.

What Guests Have Said

Past guests at the All-Star Music Resort seem to agree that the bus service to the rest of Disney World, and to and from the airport, is generally excellent though crowded and makes up for the resort’s location.

Those who stayed in one of the resort suites agree that the space and extra amenities that these rooms offer are great. Guests also say that the service and staff are very friendly and attentive. For the quickest access to the food court, swimming pools, and transportation, Calypso is the best area in which to book a room.

The land area of this resort is relatively small given the number of rooms it contains, so the buildings and amenities are packed closely together. If noise from the pools are a concern, second or third floor rooms are best.

As one of the older value resorts, past guests note that All-Star Music is showing its age a bit. The standard rooms are on the small side and are minimally decorated, and some of the furniture and other features seem a bit worn. Nevertheless, the resort is well-kept and clean, and guests agree that it is a good value for the price.

Why Choose the All-Star Music Resort?

All-Star Music is the middle resort of the All-Star value trio, and its location means guest are in easy walking distance of the other two All-Stars. Visiting the neighboring resorts is a great way to get a change of scenery, have access to a wider range of pools and playgrounds, or visit an alternate food court. In combination with the suites, this location makes All-Star Music a great choice for larger families or longer stays at an affordable price.

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