Judge Awards For It's A Small World

Man Awarded $8,000 For Getting Stuck On It’s A Small World

According to Yahoo and the NY Daily News, attorney David Geffen says that his client has been awarded $8,000 for being stuck on the “It’s A Small World” attraction for 30 minutes when the ride broke down in 2009. The award was given for pain and suffering, as well as violations of disability laws.

The client, who was with his wife, was also forced to listen to the attraction’s theme song over and over. The lawyer stated that “The music was blaring. They couldn’t get it to go off.”

Geffen’s states that his client, a disabled man who is paralyzed named Jose Martinez and who uses a wheelchair, didn’t medically stabilize for three hours after the ride stopped. Geffen stated that Martinez suffers from high blood pressure and panic attacks which were aggravated by the man’s need to use the restroom. Geffen states that Martinez was the only guest not quickly escorted off the ride, probably because he is wheelchair bound.

Disabled man stuck for 30 minutes is awarded $8,000.
Disabled man stuck for 30 minutes is awarded $8,000.

Judge’s Ruling

The judge in the case, James Selna, decided that Disney did not take proper care of Martinez during the 30 minutes he was stuck in It’s A Small World. The judge also stated that Disney did not appropriately tell disabled riders that they would be stuck in the event that the ride broke down.

Disney Responds

The event took place at Disneyland, where spokeswoman Suzie Brown said that she believes the park acted appropriately and that the organization was disappointed that the court ruled against Disney.

Does this sound like the infamous McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit to you?

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