Food Allergies At Disney World

Food Allergies Disney World

If you have food allergies, you’re probably sort of used to the whole shebang that is associated with them – the blank, uncaring stares from the teenagers who work at most of the dining establishments you frequent, having to bring your own snacks on vacation, and settling for food that just doesn’t look as fun as what everyone else at your table is eating. You’ve grown up with this, and you’ve come to expect nothing better. However, when your child was diagnosed with a food allergy, it just broke your heart. Having a food allergy is a great way to feel left out, and nobody likes to feel that.

Luckily for you, and even more for your child, that Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is probably the best place on earth to have a food allergy. If you’re planning a family vacation to Walt Disney World, you don’t have to expect that your child, who needs to eat gluten-free will be poking at lukewarm eggs while other children enjoy Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes with chocolate chip eyes. It is more likely, in fact, that other children will be looking enviously at what your child is eating. Also, you, who are used to the limited meal options available to you at restaurants, will remember the true pleasure that can come from eating out.

Food Allergies At Disney World
Disney does a great job of helping families with food allergies.

Walt Disney World Resort truly goes above and beyond to make sure that each and every guest with food allergies who visits Walt Disney World Resort enjoys unique and unbelievably delicious food – just like the guests who don’t have food allergies. You will be fed like royalty, and so will your child. No matter the challenge that your collective food allergies may pose, Disney’s expertly trained chefs will ensure that your dining experience is one of the most satisfying and sumptuous of your life!

Making a List, and Checking It Thrice

So how is it that Disney is so comfortable dealing with all these food allergies? Well, for one, they make absolutely sure that they have thorough knowledge of each guest’s unique needs. When you call to make your Advanced Dining Reservation, you will be asked if there are any food allergies that need to be considered. In addition, your host and your server will ask you the same question. Finally, after all three of these Disney representatives has checked with you, the head chef of whichever fine dining establishment you are visiting will come out and talk to you about your allergies, your likes, your dislikes, and will point out on the menu things you can and can’t eat.

This experience should suffice to help you and your child feel at relaxed and taken care of, and more than that, special – like a guest. You will be able to trust in the knowledge that whatever comes out of the kitchen will not only be safe for you to eat, but also delicious. In fact, it might even be a special, unique dish that cannot be found on the menu. This custom dish may have come directly from your conversations with the head chef, a dish tailored to suite your unique palette.

Often, in fact, this is the chef’s solution to a challenging food allergy. He or she will create a dish that captures the flavors and flair of the restaurant, but containing only those ingredients that are safe and desirable to the guest’s tastes which he or she trying to appease. These custom dishes come in all forms – zesty appetizers, fresh salads, rich entrees, and even unique and surprising desserts.

This one-of-a-kind dish will be cooked on a special surface that has not come into contact with any that the guest is allergic to so that there is no chance of any cross-contamination. Disney understands that depending on the severity of an allergy, even using a knife contaminated with an allergen can be the difference between an uneventful evening and a trip to the emergency room. In this sense, the Chefs at Walt Disney are just as important to ensuring that you enjoy your vacation as any costumed Disney character, even the Mouse himself, Mickey.

Servers Also Understand Your Needs

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that not only are the chefs this helpful, but the servers as well will treat you and your family like you are special guests who deserve only the best of dining experiences – and the safest. For less difficult food allergies, the servers are well-informed in regards to the ingredients in each dish, and if they don’t know, will make finding out a matter a of the highest priority.

Feeling Special With Your Special Dietary Needs

When you dine out at Walt Disney with a food allergy, you may find something you never expected. Not only do you get to enjoy amazing food like everyone else; Not only will you not have to feel like you missed out on the unique flavors that the restaurant has to offer; Not only will you not have to settle for feeling left out, but in fact, you may find that you feel very special yourself – and why shouldn’t you? You have the head chef catering to your wants and needs – the head chef, the guy or gal running the show.

For this reason, you may find that Walt Disney World Resort is one of the only places in the entire world that it may actually be good to have a food allergy. You will receive special treatment worthy of royalty, just because you can’t eat tree nuts or eggs or gluten. You won’t need to worry about your child’s dietary needs, or your own for that matter, conflicting with your family’s vacation. Instead, it is likely that they will enhance the experience, providing you with dining adventures you would not be able to have anywhere else which, ultimately, bring you closer as a family. Some of the best memories made on vacation at Walt Disney World Resort are made around the table, and thanks to Walt Disney World Resort’s care in regards to food allergies, your family will be no exception.