Disney World Vacations

Disney World Vacations

Booking your family a perfect Walt Disney World Resort vacation package can be intimidating, overwhelming, and all around stressful. Granted, tearing your hair out trying to plan a vacation is a good way to ensure that you have earned it; but chances are, you have earned this vacation without having to put yourself through the ordeal of sorting special tickets, dining packages, attractions, and resort hotels all by your lonesome.

Now, of course, you are thinking, “But who will help me out?  I don’t have a friend in the world who is an expert on Disney vacations,” but the great thing is that you do!  In fact,you’ve got a bunch.  The Internet is crawling with travel agencies who specialize in Walt Disney World Resort Vacations.  One of many such agencies will provide you your personal travel agent, who will become your friend and guide through the daunting Disney vacation planning process.

Getting help in planning your Disney Vacation can make the process easier and more fun.
Getting help in planning your Disney Vacation can make the process easier and more fun.

What to Look For When Selecting Your Helper

Disney wants you to get the most from your Walt Disney World Resort vacation experience, just as you undoubtedly do.  Therefore, when surfing the Internet for a travel agent who specializes in Disney World vacation packages, you should keep an eye out for two things:

Disney Authorized Travel Agency Websites

The first is that the site is/sites are authorized by Disney.  By authorizing designated sites, Disney ensures both your convenience and protection.

For example, Small World Vacation Travel Agents are authorized Disney Vacation Planners.  On their website,on every single page you pull up, there is a banner reminding you that they are authorized.  This not only means that they won’t jerk you around; but it also means that they are masters of all discounts, special offers,dining plans and vacation packages available to you.  They have had extensive training so that they understand all Disney options and prices.  They will get you the most ‘bang for your buck’ – and best of all, its toll free.

Toll Free Vacation Planning

This is the second thing you should look for in a travel agent – it should cost you nothing to use them! Legitimate travel agencies are paid by the travel supplier – i.e. Disney, not by you, the traveler.  You should look for a travel agency that you can contact by phone toll-free.

When you are ready to plan your Walt Disney World vacation, please contact a travel agent who gives you a full service, personalized vacation plan for free – well, toll free.

Do Your Research

A great travel agent can seem magical, but it is likely that he or she is not a mind reader.  You should have some idea of your family’s travel needs before finding an agent you can contact.

For example, you should know whether you and your family plan to stay at a Disney resort hotel, or whether you’d like to make other lodging plans.  The Walt Disney World Resort website has a full listing of their resort hotels, including information about prices,locations, dining, other amenities and more.  Besides hotels, Disney World Resort also has cabins,campgrounds, and home-like villas available for rent.  If you prefer to make other lodging plans, this is relevant information to share with your personal travel agent.

You should have some idea of how involved you’d like your Magic Your Way Package to be.  For example,browse the Disney website for menus, and know whether it will need a dining package that includes character or signature dining.  Know what you and your family would like to eat.  If you think a more basic dining package will do, that also affects your the price of your Magic Your Way Ticket.

It’s also important to be aware of some of your customization options, such as if you’d like to add the Water Park Fun & More or Park Hopper option to your Magic Your Way Theme Park ticket.  You can also add some of Disney’s special events, like the Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba live show.

If you get lost or overwhelmed, keep in mind that it costs you nothing to spend time on the phone with your travel agent asking questions and discussing options.  When you contact a travel agent, give them a good place to start, including a summary of your personal travel and interests.  This gives them better ideas on how to design the right package for you.

Tell you travel agent the ages of the members of your family, what attractions and theme parks each of your family members is most interested in, and your budget, and you will be amazed how their knowledge and expertise can enhance your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation experience.

How Do I Contact Them?

Now that you’re aware of this magical ‘travel agent who specializes in Disney World vacation packages,’ here’s how you make them specialize in YOUR Disney World vacation package.

Pull up their website, and browse – some have a toll free number that is literally the first thing you see on the front page.

Some ask that you email them a summary of your travel needs first, and they email you a quote along with a toll free number to call to discuss the quote and what your vacation package includes.

Neither of these options makes the travel agency more or less legitimate than the other.  Wanting information in an email up front means that the agency prefers to get a sense of your desires and work from there.Conversely, wanting vacationers to call first means that they prefer to work from a place of discussion flexibility.  Neither option is any better than the other. It has more to do with your style. If one style appeals more to you, than go with it.

Common Sense

Contact the travel agency far enough ahead for them to actually be able to help you.  Just because they are experts doesn’t meant they can reserve rooms that are full (especially at popular resorts like the Contemporary), make reservations at tables that are full (especially at Disney character dining events), or book tickets that are sold out(especially at hard-ticket after-hours events).  They need one to six months, at least, to help you plan a truly fantastic Disney vacation that will fit all your interests and criteria.  The more time you give them,the more they can do to help you.

Then What?

After your personal travel agent has helped you book the perfect Walt Disney World Resort Magic Your Way Vacation Package for your family, there is nothing left to do but pay, pack, go, and enjoy. Oh perhaps there is one other thing to do once you arrive: be ready for that perfect photo opportunity when Mickey pops out of nowhere ready to shake your hands or give your child a hug!