Epcot The Seas

Epcot’s The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion, located in Disney World Resort’s Epcot, provides the chance not only to see thousands of interesting sea creatures in a very natural environment, but also for plenty of hands-on interaction. The entire family will enjoy spending time at this Future World pavilion, so be sure to set aside a day to explore all that it has to offer.

Inside the Pavilion

Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium

This amazing aquarium, filled with nearly 6 million gallons of water, is the centerpiece of the pavilion. Billed as “one of the largest man-made ocean environments in the world”, the Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium is the place where you can see more than 6,000 creatures including a sharks, turtles, and too many variety of fish to list.

Those who care for the creatures in the tank also work to save manatees that have been injured. Visitors will be able to view the manatees in an area set aside just for their rehabilitation.

Video of The Seas Omnimover ride.

True to what visitors have come expect from Disney, no expense was spared in recreating realistic and natural ocean environment.

Unlike a typical aquarium, which you would view from one side, the Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium allows you to feel as if you are surrounded by the sea as you stand in the middle of an innovative viewing platform located in the center of the tank.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a ride that is appropriate for all ages. You will ride in a clam shell – dubbed a clamobile. As the clamobile meanders gently along, you will be able to watch as Nemo and his friends dart about among real sea creatures.

Huge windows into the aquarium provide great viewing of sea life.
Huge windows into the aquarium provide great viewing of sea life.

There is no doubt that the dining experiences at Disney World are a huge part of what makes a vacation here so great. The Coral Reef Restaurant, located inside the Epcot the Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion is a dining experience that you will never forget.

As you dine on amazing seafood dishes, you will be surrounded by views of the Caribbean Coral Reef tank. If your kids are picky eaters, there is a special kids menu featuring favorites such as meaty macaroni and French fries. Be sure to save room for one of the restaurants fabulous desserts, such as The Chocolate Wave or Butterscotch Crème Brulee.

Turtle Talk with Crush Show

Fans of Finding Nemo will be thrilled for the chance to chat with Crush as he interacts with guests during this fun show. The little kids love this innovative show, but adults and older children are also entertained by Crush and the rest of the gang.

Turtle Talk With Crush
Turtle Talk With Crush gives kids a chance to interact with Crush.

The pavilion also has a gift shop where you can buy mementoes of the time spent enjoying this fabulous attraction.

Special Experiences

Any visit so the Epcot the Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion is going to be fun and memorable. But if you want to get a little closer to the sea creatures, or learn more about what goes into their care, Disney offers some special experiences to help you do just that.

The Aqua tour

The Aqua Tour is a chance to don a diver’s suit and try spending a little time in the water with the creatures in the Caribbean Coral Reef tank. More specifically, you will be on the surface of the water, observing the creatures as they swim directly below.

This tour provides the chance to view the tank from a unique perspective. You will feel like you are part of the action as the sharks and other tank inhabitants carry on right below you.

This is a great special experience for those without SCUBA certification. The special diving suit will keep you from going under the water. All equipment is provided, but you must bring a bathing suit. Children ages 8 and older are welcome, but anyone under age 16 will need an adult to enjoy the experience along with them.

Dolphins in Depth

Many people are fascinated by these amazing and intelligent creatures. With the Dolphins in Depth experience, you will be able to spend time with the dolphin trainers and learn how they care for, teach and nurture the dolphins.

The highlight of this experience is the chance to actually spend time with and touch the dolphins. You may be surprised at how intelligent these beautiful creatures really are, and you will have the chance to see for yourself what it is like to interact with them.

For many visitors to Disney World, this experience is the highlight of their trip. If you love dolphins, you must participate in the Dolphins of the Depth experience.

Children ages 13 and up are welcome, but anyone under age 18 must have an adult with them.

Seas Shopping
You can get unique momentos of your visits in the shops.

Epcot Dive Quest

Only those who are SCUBA certified can enjoy this experience, but if you can, it is something you will remember for the rest of your life. All visitors who are ages 10 and up and SCUBA certified are welcome. All needed equipment is provided, but some participants like to bring along their own mask. Of course, if you have a prescription mask, you will definitely want to remember to bring that along with you.

The Epcot Dive Quest experience lasts about three hours. The highlight is when you will put on a diver’s suit and try your hand at going to the depths of the tank where you will swim alongside sharks and turtles, and interact with other creatures.

The beauty of the coral reef alone is worth participating in this experience. The views as you get up close to the details of the carefully constructed “ocean” are sure to be unforgettable.

You will also enjoy the fun of swimming for an audience. Remember, the Caribbean Coral Reef aquarium is also the backdrop for the Coral Reef Restaurant. As you enjoy the magic of your experience, the diners in the restaurant will be watching.

All of these special experiences require advance reservations. Because they are so popular, it is possible for them to book up. Be sure to reserve your space as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.