Disney Vacation Club

So, after a respectful solute to those cheerful little Mouseketeers, out with the old and in with the new! Prepare yourself to become a member of the Disney Vacation Club – or DVC! Unlike the Mickey Mouse Club, which was, as you recall, a fairly exclusive club for talented young kids to strut their stuff, anyone can be a member of the DVC – even (and especially) you!

What exactly is it?

“What is the Disney Vacation Club?” you may ask, the subtext of course being, “Why should I care?” The Walt Disney World Vacation Club is a super exclusive Disney-only timeshare program, with opportunities to travel to over 500 destinations all over the world. Being a DVC member gets you special deals at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, as well as the other Disney theme park locations in the United States, and as well, special resorts in France, Hawaii and other exotic countries.

The DVC is based on a very flexible and very sophisticated point system. You get a certain number of points that qualify you for a certain number of vacations and a certain level of accommodation based on the size of the real estate interest that you purchase. Obtaining more vacation points allows members to receive more vacations and better accommodations. You can bank, rent, and borrow Disney Vacation Club points and upgrade as your family grows. This point system ensures a convenient, organized, and flexible way of planning vacations that meet your needs and interests.

With your DVC membership, you and your family can either visit the same favorite vacation spot over and over again, or pick an exciting new one each year.  You can also mix and match old favorite places and interesting new ones! DVC offers you unlimited flexibility & choice when it comes to vacation planning.  The possibilities for vacation combinations each year are endless, whether you’re looking for a more tourist-y theme park adventure, a ‘fun in the sun’ beach trip, or a fine wining and dining tour of Europe!

Disney Vacation Club Resorts at Walt Disney

Members of the Disney Vacation Club get access to special DVC Resorts at Walt Disney – each offering the finest in luxury lodging accommodations. Some of the Vacation Club Resorts offered by Walt Disney World Resort include the villas at Wilderness Lodge, Disney’s Animal Kingdom villas, and the Saratoga Springs resort and villas. Each has not only the finest in comfort and style, but also offer the very best in Disney fun!

Each Disney DVC Resort has its own unique theme, dining, and restaurant options, as well as and sights and attractions to take in.  For example, from your window in one of the Animal Kingdom Villas, located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, you can even experience some wildlife with your family dinner at one of the 4 different and highly acclaimed eateries in the resort complex- Boma, The Mara, Sanaa Restaurant, or Jiko – the Cooking Place. There are also Animal Kingdom themed recreational activities – like early morning safari expeditions – available as part of your Disney Vacation Club Resort.

As if all of this weren’t exciting enough, there’s also Disney’s Old Key West Resort, located just within walking distance of Disney Springs, on scenic Lake Buena Vista. It is situated in a lush green Florida landscape and includes a terrific golf course.

Disney’s Wilderness Resort Lodge is like staying in 4-star hotel that features plush beds, on site restaurants, and a pool – but contains all the charm of a rustic old lodge from the wild, wild west.

The Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is just minutes from the Disney World Magic Kingdom Theme Park. Its architecture practically makes it modern art, and its scenic location on the lake makes it one of the most beautiful places to stay at Walt Disney World Resort.

Bay Lake Tower is a prominent DVC facility next to the Magic Kingdom.
Bay Lake Tower is a prominent DVC facility next to the Magic Kingdom.

Away from the Disney World Resort in Florida, the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa near Disneyland has entertainment for all ages, a fitness center and a pool, as well as 5 different restaurants – Storytellers Cafe, White Water Snacks, Hearthstone Lounge, the Napa Rose and the Napa Rose Lounge.

Away from Disneyland and Disney World

Besides “wicked cool” accommodations at a Disney Vacation Resort, being a member of the DVC doesn’t limit you to just Disney World or Disney anything for that matter. Other hotels and resorts are members of DVC, which gives you access to great accommodations all over the world.

Maybe you and your family want a beach vacation, a city vacation, a golf outing, a family vacation, a theme park exploration vacation, or a pampering spa weekend. You can book whichever variety of vacation suits your fancy in Asia, Australia, The Carribean, Central and South America, Europe, North America and the South Pacific.  Every place you ever wanted to go, but never had a place to stay – now you do!

Quality, Value, And Fun

Every place you stay with your Disney Vacation Club Membership is guaranteed to be the “finest of the fine” and the “funnest of the fun.” Offering the best in fun, food, entertainment and everything that makes a hotel a resort hotel is what DVC Resorts specialize in – that’s how they get to be part of the club!

The Disney Vacation Club is better than a traditional time share club. Purchasing a real estate interest in the DVC is a great, flexible way to expand your family’s vacation options. With the Disney Vacation Club, you can experience the life & culture opinion of another country, another state, or even just somewhere you’ve never been in your own back yard – so to speak. For what membership costs, all of the money and hassle you save vacationing as a DVC member is well worth it. Each vacation you take will be a new chapter of adventure for you and your family. Take advantage of this wonderful offer, and become a member of the greatest club since the Mickey Mouse Club, the DVC!