Four Ways To Deal With Rainy Days At Disney World

With its semi-tropical climate, it often rains in in Central Florida the afternoon between 2-4pm. Sometimes it is just rain, and sometimes it is rain as part of a thunderstorm. But rain is a part of the deal.

Unlike rain in many other places, the rain in Orlando doesn’t always mean an all day soaking and a wash-out for your visit to the theme parks. While there are occasional all-day rains in Orlando, the rain often comes and goes within an hour or two.

Does this mean that rain will ruin your day at Disney World? Absolutely not! Here are four ways you can battle the bad weather and win.

1 – Bring A Rain Poncho

Whether you call it guest service or opportunism, Disney will bring out the expensive (around $9) rain ponchos at every gift shop when it rains. And thousands of people will buy them. If you like paying that kind of money for a sheet of plastic with Mickey Mouse or a Castle on it, then go right ahead. Or, you can buy the same thing for about a dollar from a store at home and bring it on your vacation with you. Or if you are super frugal a large garbage bag will do the trick, too. But once armed with some rain gear, your fun can continue on.

A rain poncho helps you to keep going.
A rain poncho helps you to keep going.

 2 – Bring Zip Top Bags

Zip Top bags area a great addition to your vacation arsenal for many reason – organizing, preserving, etc. But they can be especially useful when it rains. When the water comes, take a minute to secure your wallet, phone, camera, and any other valuables that don’t like moisture in the bags. You will be glad you did.

3 – Get A Newspaper

Most people wear tennis-like shoes around Disney World, which is a smart idea. You will be walking mile after mile, and you want the most comfortable walking shoes possible. However, when these shoes get wet, they don’t often dry out quickly. And walking around with wet shoes on is not only uncomfortable, but can even, in rare cases, cause medical conditions like trench foot. Fortunately there is a cheap and easy answer. After you get back to your hotel, purchase a newspaper like the USA Today. Crumple up some of the newspaper and put it inside your shoes. The paper will absorb the water. Repeat the process every hour or so until your shoes are dry. Magic.

4 – Keep On Going

When the rains come, many people either hide out inside a gift shop or they head for the exits. If the weather is dangerous that’s smart. But if it’s just a typical rain shower, you can use this time to your advantage. With the exception of rides that have an outside component, like the Kilimanjaro Safari in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Test Track in Epcot, or Big Thunder Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, many attractions keep on going when it rains. That means that you can continue to have fun even as the skies turn gray.

Do you like to ‘keep on going’ when it rains during your Disney vacation?