Masks Could Be Required At Disney World Through Spring 2021

Sources report that Dr. Raul Pino, the Health Officer for Orange County, is suggesting that local government may require masks until as late as the Spring of 2021, or until a vaccine for the Coronavirus is available.

Since nearly all Disney World property is in Orange County, Disney will need to abide by whatever rules the county enacts.

Disney may need to require masks well into 2021.
Disney may need to require masks well into 2021.

Dr. Pino mentioned that social distancing procedures and masks have contributed to a decline in the number of Coronavirus cases.  Pino said that as more people are wearing masks, that they have become more socially acceptable, and that they will help the county avoid spikes in new infections.

Orange County has reported five weeks of declining Coronavirus positivity rates.

Disney Mask Policy

Walt Disney World has required masks for all guests and Cast members since the phased reopening started in June.  Disney has updated and clarified its mask policy over time, including requiring masks for guests 2 and older, prohibiting neck gaiters, and requiring that people remain stationary when eating or drinking and removing their masks.

Disney also offers Relaxation Stations, which have extra social distancing and allow guests to remove their masks while not eating or drinking.

Does Disney’s mask requirement deter you from visiting?