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Florida Governor Asks Theme Parks to Submit Reopening Plans; Full Phase 1 Reopening Starts May 18

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida Governor, announced during a news conference in Jacksonville that the state will enter a “Full” Phase 1 reopening on May 18.

This means that restaurant and retail locations can move up from the current 25% capacity limits to 50%.  Gyms in the state will also reopen, although they need to practice social distancing and sanitize machines and surfaces after use.  The governor said that these changes are appropriate given the progress the state has made.

This change applies to Central Florida but does not yet apply to hard-hit South-East counties of West Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade.  These counties entered Phase 1 on May 4.

Bars, movie theaters, and vacation rentals remain closed.

The Florida Governor has asked theme parks for their reopening plans.
The Florida Governor has asked theme parks for their reopening plans.

DeSantis noted that the percentage of positive test results has gone down over the past four weeks and that most new cases in Florida have been in prisons or long term care facilities for the elderly.

Theme Park Plans

Governor DeSantis asked theme parks to submit their plans for reopening.  Those plans will also require the approval of Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings.  However, Deming’s task force has already suggested that theme parks can reopen when they deem themselves to be ready.

The Governor said that he did not know when Florida theme parks will reopen, but that he is interested in working with local authorities.

Glad to see Florida Governor ask theme parks for reopening plans?