College Program returns.

Disney College Program Returning

Disney suspended the Walt Disney World College Program in 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is now back!

Starting this summer, new Disney College Program participants will live in the new Flamingo Crossings Village complex, located on the western side of Disney property near the intersection of Western Way and the 429 toll road.

The Disney College Program provides an opportunity for students to get credit for working at Disney while working in jobs on Disney property.  Anyone enrolled in college courses, or who is a recent college graduate, can apply to the program.

Disney has made it easier to apply to the College Program with a simplified application process, a concierge team of recruiters on social media, and year-long arrival dates.  The company also is creating new ways for participants to connect with Disney professionals as a way to jump-start their professional careers.

The College Program is for college students, while Disney International Programs and Disney Culinary Program are for students outside the US and for culinary students, respectively.  Disney said they will have more information about International and Culinary programs soon.

Glad to hear the Disney College Program is back?