Let’s Play A Game: You Pick Three – Photo Spots

Ready for a game? Let’s play “You Pick Three.” Here’s how it works.

  • Pick your three favorite things from today’s category: Photo Spots.
  • There is the catch! You can only use a park one time for the category.
  • This means that as you build your “You Pick Three” you would not be able to select two items from the Magic Kingdom, for example.

Simple enough? Check out my opinion, then let us know what your three favorites are in the comments section!

We Pick Three Attraction Queues

Whether you have an Annual Pass or if it’s your first time at Walt Disney World, you’ll always be on the hunt for that perfect photo spot. With the rising popularity of social media sites, snapping a worthy photo has become part of the Disney trip experience.

Some guests take a shot of their Disney snacks, others opt for pics of the famous landmarks, and then there is a group that move from the Purple Wall of Tomorrowland to the Bubble Gum Wall of EPCOT, all on a journey for the perfect selfie. Whatever your subject is, taking photos at the Parks can be a fun way to see different areas of the lands that you may have never ventured to…it’s also a great way to take a break from stress of running between attractions!

Here is our “You Pick Three” photo spots at Walt Disney World.

1- Spaceship Earth at Night (EPCOT)

Each park at Disney World has their iconic landmark that draws guests in….often referred to as a weenie, something that makes you walk towards it. For EPCOT, that weenie is Spaceship Earth. The geodesic sphere was modeled after a similar structure from “Expo 67” in Montreal.

Although most people know Spaceship Earth as “the giant golf ball,” the structure is actually a fairly complicated piece of architecture that also houses a classic Disney dark ride. At night, the sphere is hit with different colored lights like purple and gold. When combined with a dark sky, Spaceship Earth goes from a giant golf ball to something straight out of the future. Cinderella’s Castle is great, but nothing quite compares to Spaceship Earth at night!

Spaceship Earth At Night Is Quite A View!
Spaceship Earth At Night Is Quite A View!

2- The Partner Statue (Magic Kingdom)

For first time Park goers or casual fans, there is no doubt that Cinderella’s Castle is the go-to photo spot. But if you’re a Disney history buff or a mega fan, you may gravitate towards the statue that sits just in front of the Castle.

Labeled the Partner Statue, the piece depicts Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse. To some, it just a statue of the guy who started it all. For others, the Partner Statue is not simply art, but it shows two iconic names in American History. The combination of Walt and Mickey completely changed the world as we know it. The Partner Statue symbolizes Walt and Mick walking hand in hand sharing in what they were able to accomplish.

Another awesome feature of the statue is that when photographed at the right angle, you get an awesome shot of not only the Partner Statue but also Cinderella’s Castle…a two for one!

At Just The Right Angle, You Can Get A Shot Of The Castle And The Partner Statue.
At Just The Right Angle, You Can Get A Shot Of The Castle And The Partner Statue.

3- Pandora’s Floating Mountains (Animal Kingdom)

Pandora The World of Avatar is still a new(ish) land at Walt Disney World, but the backdrops have already been cemented as a must see photo spot on property. Sometimes as I walk through Animal Kingdom, I forget that I am at Walt Disney World. The park is full of nooks and crannies off the normal walking paths. If Animal Kingdom makes you forget that you’re on property, then Pandora will make you forget you’re on Earth.

The Floating Mountains are now an iconic piece of Animal Kingdom. As soon as you cross over into Pandora, you can’t help but look up at the giant structures floating high above your head. Some of the mountains appear to have nature growing wild, others have waterfalls peacefully flowing, and all of them are illuminated at night with their bright bioluminescence. The Imagineers did an amazing job when they developed Pandora. Witnessing the Floating Mountains in person is a must do!

The Floating Mountains Of Pandora.
The Floating Mountains Of Pandora.

What are your three favorite Disney photos spot – one per park?