Listen to the podcast for all the details!  Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – Wonders of Life
Where are the rich health-based companies when you need a sponsor?

2 – ABC Sound Studio
In the past you could learn that it was like to be a Foley artist.

3 – ESPN Wide World of Sports
Perhaps a sports-themed museum would bring in more people on a regular basis?

4 – Odyssey Restaurant
Future would could use another quick service restaurant.

5 –  Rafiki’s Planet Watch
The train ride is great.

6 – World ShowPlace Pavilion
Leftover from the Millennium celebration, this is now used for special events.

Guest Co-Host: Russ Reaves

Top Six Facilities Underused by Disney
Top Six Facilities Underused by Disney

Have you ever been in the Odyssey Restaurant at Epcot?