Top Six Legacy Impacts of Bob Iger

Listen to the podcast for all the details! Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – New Fantasyland
A big expansion handles big crowds.

2 – Buying Companies
From Pixar in 2006 to LucasFilm / Star Wars – 2012, Mr. Iger bought a lot of companies.

3 – Re-imagination of Disney’s Animal Kingdom as a nighttime park
The addition of Pandora and Rivers of Light will significantly change the park.

4 – Mending Fences
Mr. Iger made nice with Roy E Disney, Steve Jobs, and the country of China.

5 – Renovation and re-branding of Disney’s California Adventure
Can you say Cars Land?

6 – Financial Performance
Mr. Iger has made the Disney company into a profit machine.

Guest Co-Host: Phil Gramlich
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Top Six Legacy Impacts of Bob Iger
Top Six Legacy Impacts of Bob Iger

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