Top Six Uses of Fiber Optic Effects

Listen to the podcast for all the details! Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – Royal Room headboards at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort
Fiber optic fireworks in your room to close your night.

2 – Epcot sidewalk
Walking on sparkling concrete makes your feet less tired.

3 – Peter Pan, queue / interior
The old and new come together in Peter Pan’s Flight.

4 – Tower of Terror Sign
It’s more than a sign – it is a fiber optic statement.

5 – Enchanted Tales With Belle / Mexico Gran Fiest Tour
The magic mirror – or the Three Caballeros

6 – Tower of Terror hallway and elevator doors
The interior scenes use fiber optics to make stars come alive.

Guest Co-Host: Johnny Shortsleeve
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Top Six Uses of Fiber Optic Effects
Top Six Uses of Fiber Optic Effects

Do you enjoy the fiber optic effects in the Tower of Terror?