Listen to the podcast for all the details! Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – The fulfillment of Walt’s vision
It isn’t quite the design that Walt envisioned, but it is a working city that Walt dreamed of building

2 – Clean and orderly environment
Much like Disney’s park, Celebration is clean and orderly

3 – Architecture
World renowned architects played key roles in designing the city and the buildings in it

4 – Special events
From exotic cars to running races, from food festivals to holiday events, you will often find special events taking place in downtown Celebration

5 – Parks
Celebration is very pedestrian friendly; check out some of parks and walking trails

6 – Restaurants and shops
There are plenty of unique restaurants and shop to explore

Guest Co-Host: Brian Collins
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Top Six Reasons to Visit Celebration Florida

Top Six Reasons to Visit Celebration Florida

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