Top Six Must Visit Christmas Spots in Disney World

Listen to the podcast for all the details!  Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – Meeting Santa at Disney Springs
Grab a pager and wait for you chance to meet the big guy.

2 – Main Street USA
It may be the most quintessential Christmas spot in all of Disney World.

3 – The Jingle Cruise
Enjoy an overlay of Christmas, especially with the corny jokes.

4 – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort
Beautiful and majestic, plus with a life size gingerbread house.  Nice.

5 – Hollywood Boulevard
Upbeat music with lights and shopping that help even Scrooge get into the Christmas spirit.

6 – Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
It’s rustic and simply breathtaking at Christmas.

Guest Co-Host: Phil Gramlich
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Top Six "Must Visit" Christmas Spots in Disney World
Top Six “Must Visit” Christmas Spots in Disney World

Do you enjoy visiting Disney World at Christmastime?  Your favorite spot?