Listen to the podcast for all the details! Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – Your MagicBand is your one-stop access for room keys, shopping, dining, photos, admission tickets, and Fastpass+
It is amazingly convenient.

2 – Your MagicBand is waterproof
I doesn’t float, but it is very durable.  This is a great advantage when visiting a Disney water park.

3 – Using a MagicBand can be a bit dangerous
Be sure to watch your spending.  It is very easy to make purchases – maybe dangerously so.

4 – You can associate multiple MagicBands associated with your My Disney Experience account
If you are a repeat guest, you can use an old Band. You can also purchase MagicBands in the park to use in addition to or instead of another band.

5 – It is fun to decorate your MagicBand, either DIY or with stuff bought at the parks
Details on a DIY MagicBand decorating project here!

6 – Use your MagicBand to tailor your experience
From on ride movies to having your meal find you a Be Our Guest, MagicBands improve your experience.  We can probably expect more new features in the future.

Bonus – Unlock special features in the Disney Infinity video games

Guest Co-Host:Aaron Cohen
Contact Details:
Instagram: magic_and_misadventures

Top Six Things To Know About MagicBands
Top Six Things To Know About MagicBands

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