Listen to the podcast for all the details!  Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – O’Hana – Bread Pudding with ice cream

2 – Ghirardelli – Great chocolates and hot fudge

3 – L’Artisan des Glaces – unique flavors and high quality ice cream

4 – Beaches and Cream – great Sundaes and the Kitchen Sink Sundae

5 – The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor – ice cream sandwiches and a different Kitchen Sink Sundae

6 – Aloha Isle / Pineapple Lanai – yes, I know it’s not technically dairy, but Dole Whip is like ice cream and it is great

Honorable Mention – Spice Road Table – unique flavors worth a try

Guest Co-Host: Jess Hayes
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Top Six Ice Cream Locations at Disney World

Top Six Ice Cream Locations at Disney World

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What is your favorite spot for ice cream at Disney World?