Listen to the podcast for all the details!  Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – Music
Whether it is the ambient background music or the live performances, Disney Springs offers plenty of amazing music, following a find Disney tradition.

2 – Parking Garage
Parking has been a challenge for a long time, but two new garages with 10,000 spaces will definitely help the situation.

3 – Dining
Disney Springs will grow from 17 to 30 dining offerings, with fun treats from gelato to steaks.

4 – Backstory
Pleasure Island had an interesting backstory, but it seems the Marketplace and West Side didn’t.  The new story of all of Disney Springs will unify the new space.

5 – Footprint
Many new bridges and walking paths will ease congestion and create a more pleasant experience.

6 – Shopping
From chain stores to ones which are unique to Disney, there will be more places to spend your money and have a bit of fun.

Guest Co-Host: Derek Hoffman

Top Six Things We Already Like About Disney Springs

Top Six Things We Already Like About Disney Springs

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What are you look forward to at Disney Springs?