Top Six Legacies of Michael Eisner

Listen to the podcast for all the details!  Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – Disney-MGM Studios
Disney World’s tribute to Hollywood was almost a pavilion in Epcot.  Mr. Eisner drove the effort to make it into a full theme park.

2 – Kept the company together
Investors nearly purchased Disney in the early 1980s to sell off the pieces.  Mr. Eisner kept the company together.

3 – Pleasure Island
Mr. Eisner oversaw the development of the adult entertainment district that was created with Disney style.

4 – Architectural renaissance
Mr. Eisner worked with great architects of his time like Frank Gehry and Michael Graves to develop some memorable buildings on Disney property.

5 – La Luce
Mr. Eisner brokered the deal that eventually lead to this hidden gem of a restaurant in the Bonnet Creek Hilton, which is landlocked by Disney property.

6 – Park Growth
From 4 parks to 11, from 2,500 hotel rooms to 32,000, Mr. Eisner lead a huge growth period for Disney parks.

Guest Co-Host: Derek Hoffman

Top Six Legacies of Michael Eisner
Top Six Legacies of Michael Eisner

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