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Listen to the podcast for all the details!  Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – Pick the right resort
A Deluxe resort may be worth the extra money for those who will spend more time away from the parks.

2 – Find their interest
From golf to fishing to shopping, Disney can offer something for everyone.

3 – Don’t rush
Your non-Disney fan might need to take in the experience at a slower pace.

4 – Don’t use guilt
Don’t try to convert you non-fan into a fan.  It rarely works.

5 – Spend a day not in the parks
Central Florida has a lot to offer and it may be of great interest to your non-fan.

6 – Go on your own / split up
There is no law that says you all need to be together all the time.  It’s ok to split up, or even visit the parks on your own.

Bonus item: Attend the Food & Wine Festival

Guest Co-Host: Jess Hayes
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Top Six Tips for Going to Disney With Non-Disney Fans

Top Six Tips for Going to Disney With Non-Disney Fans

 What is your best tip for visiting Disney World with non-Disney fans?