Top Six Sweet Treats at Walt Disney World

Listen to the podcast for all the details!  Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar
They come out of the case cold, but they are delicious.  Thick chocolate covers creamy vanilla ice cream.

2 – Ghirardelli Ice Cream
If you like ice cream, you can get some premium stuff here.  The Sundaes are big so don’t overeat before you visit.

3 – Churro
They aren’t super sweet, but the combination of dough, sugar, and cinnamon is a winner.

4 – Mickey Rice Crispy Bar
It’s Mickey goodness on a stick.  Pick your favorite of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or no chocolate coating.  The Mickey sprinkles are a nice addition.

5 – Dole Whip Float
You can find this frozen delight in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom as well as in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

6 – Fudge
Stop by the Confectionery on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom for a super-sweet treat that comes in a variety of delicious flavors.

Guest Co-Host:Aaron Cohen
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Instagram: magic_and_misadventures

Top Six Sweet Treats at Walt Disney World
Top Six Sweet Treats at Walt Disney World

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What is your favorite sweet treat at Walt Disney World?