Listen to the podcast for all the details!  Here are the quick notes on what the podcast covers:

1 – Determine if a Disney Vacation is right for you
Visiting Disney World is amazing, but it is not right for everyone during every season of live.

Set your expectations appropriately and involve everyone in your party.

2 – Do your research
Check out the official Disney web site as well as unofficial sites and Facebook groups.

3 – Use a Travel Agent with special needs experience
Agents who have experience with your situation can help you make informed choices.

4 – Plan for medical and assertive equipment
Make sure you have the things you need, and pack extra supplies.

5 – Take advantage of First Aid and Baby Care Stations
These locations are available for anyone who needs a bit of extra help.

6 – Request theme park accommodations
If applicable, stop by Disney Guest Services to request DAS, alternate entrance access, or the use of a stroller-as-a-wheelchair.

Guest Co-Host: Kathy Kelly
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Top Six Tips for Dealing With Special Needs at Disney World

Top Six Tips for Dealing With Special Needs at Disney World

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Have you traveled to Disney World with special needs?  How did it go?