What’s The Worst Part Of Your Disney World Vacation?

For the most part, going on a Disney vacation is full of one high point followed by the next – Soarin’ over the California landscape, giving Mickey Mouse a big hug, or watching the past unfold before your very eyes in The Carousel of Progress.

But with all the high points on a Disney trip, there are often low points on a vacation too. As much as we don’t want them to, the realities of the outside world slip in.

From my experience, here are four of the worst parts of a trip to Disney World – and some ideas on how to best deal with them.

1 – Cranky People

Sadly, even the most magical place on earth can have its share of grumpy and cranky people. Maybe there is a little kid who just can’t take any more sensory overload, or an exhausted dad who can’t simply fathom why a bunch of hamburgers and sodas for the family tops $50.

Potential antidote: Yes, there are always people around us who are having a bad day, and things will inevitably go bad. But that doesn’t mean that you need to join in on the action. Your best course of action is to make sure that you don’t join club cranky, too. Put a smile on your face, move on, and anticipate the fun of your next stop.

Beware the cranky people!
Beware the cranky people!

2 – Long Waits

Lines, lines, lines. They are part of life. At the bank. At the grocery store. At Disney World. Be ready for them.

Potential antidote: Keep in mind that Disney has done a much better job than the bank or the market of making your wait interesting. In fact, many die hard Disney fans consider the queue to be “scene 1” – the way they set the stage for the story to come. Enjoy the details and pick up on the clues for what is before you. Of course, you can also do some planning and get a FastPass to skip the line. Or plan to hit the busiest attractions first thing in the morning or very late in the day.

3 – Weather Issues

It’s impossible to predict the weather, but for the most part you can count on rain, heat, and humidity when it comes to a trip to Florida.

Potential antidote: Bring your rain gear with you and avoid the hottest periods of the day by taking a break – perhaps a dip at the pool or a nap that will give you energy to return later in the evening.  Also, check out the many fun things you can do even when the weather is bad.

Bad weather doesn't have to stop the good times.
Bad weather doesn’t have to stop the good times.

4 – Going Home

All good things must come to an end, and that’s true for your trip to Disney World also. One of the saddest parts can be exiting the park for the last time and taking that final monorail ride.

Potential antidote: Try to look back on the fun you had, and enjoy your photos and souvenirs. Oh, and start planning for your next vacation!

What is the worst part of your Disney vacation?