World Of Walt Forum – Thank You Program

What is the Thank You program?

The Thank You program allows you to thank others for the posts they make.  If you find a post especially useful, informative, or interesting, you can thank the person who made the post by clicking on the “thank you” button.  The World Of Walt Forum tracks the total number of times each user thanks someone else, as well as the number of thanks each person has received.  From time to time World Of Walt may offer prizes to people who have thanked others as well as to the people who have received the most thanks.

How do I thank someone?

To thank someone simply click the “thank you” button in a Forum post. The button which looks like this:
How do I see how many times I have been thanked?

The “Thanks Leader Board” on the Forum home page shows a list of the top five recipients of thanks for the current month, the last month, and all time.

How many times may I thank people each day?

You may provide up to five thanks each day.

Why do you limit the number of times I thank people each day?

We limit the number of thanks you can give each day to a maximum of five.  We do this so that you give out thanks carefully and so that they maintain some “specialness.”  When we run a contest to offer prizes, we want to make sure that everyone has a fair chance.

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