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Wolfgang Pucks Disney Springs

It is rare that you will find one restaurant at Walt Disney World Resort that seems to stand out in regards to peoples’ reviews of it. Because everyone seems to have such vastly different tastes, different menus appeal more or less accordingly. You also often hear things like “Well, everything is good,” which is true. Walt Disney World restaurants offer some of the finest flavors the world has to offer in varying combinations and prices. This is all well and good but does not aid in choosing which restaurants to enjoy as a part of your dining experience. One restaurant that you will hear nothing but the best about across the board has three different locations at Walt Disney World: Wolfgang Puck, express, express and café. Wolfgang Puck’s Disney Springs is literally where it’s at!

The Wolfgang Puck café and expresses are located in the Disney Springs Area. This Disney-after-dark-style district offers the majority of Disney’s nightlife, including some of their best live shows like Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba and some of their best dining options. Wolfgang Puck is hardly an exception but rather an exemplary example. Whether you visit a Wolfgang Puck Express Location or the Café location, be sure to include this unanimously praised restaurant in your Disney Dining plans.

Wolfgang Puck Disney Springs
Wolfgang Puck in Disney Springs offers great food and fun.


One of the things that allows Wolfgang Puck to receive such universally fantastic reviews is the convenience of its locations. Being located in Disney Springs means that Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants are a negligible distance from special events and live shows like Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba. It is also close to the DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park, which is great for giving the kids something to do while the adults kick back and relax.

Wolfgang Puck has three restaurants, which are situated in two locations. Wondering where to find them? There is one Wolfgang Puck Express in Disney Springs Marketplace Area. If you are having trouble finding it, look for the Disney’s Days of Christmas store and you will find the express close by. The other Wolfgang Puck Express and the Wolfgang Puck Café are located in the same building in Disney Springs West Side.


You may wonder what the difference is between a Wolfgang Puck Café and a Wolfgang Puck Express. Locale-wise, the Café is located on the ground floor while the express is upstairs. Besides a slight difference in décor, the variation between the Café and the Express has to do with menu. The Express serves the fun, fresh and fast fusion cuisine for which the restaurant is famous. The Café still serves American/Asian fusion food but offers a bit more laid back of a blending with more upscale, course style menu options.

Wolfgang Puck Express Menu

On the Wolfgang Express Menu you find things like wood-fired pizzas, ravioli made from scratch and daily sushi specials, including their take on the California Roll: sushi served inside out with sesame seeds. There is a highlighted list of the chef favorites. They are each light, savory dishes. Macadamia nut crusted breast of chicken, oven roasted salmon, catch of the day, and steak fries each for around 30 dollars. Served with tempting sides like garlic mashed potatoes, every choice is a winner. Among the wood fired pizzas you will find ingredients like sharp pesto sauce, oven dried tomato concoctions and creamy goat cheese. With ingredients like those, it is assured that no matter what you order to eat, you will enjoy a special and unique treat.

Wolfgang Puck Café Menu

The Wolfgang Puck Café offers a more extensive menu featuring entrees, appetizers, soups, salads, kid’s selections, and course tours. Highlights from the appetizer menu include Duck Napoleon: a duck dish served with wontons and apple-raspberry chutney. Among their specialty soups, Wolfgang Puck Café offers butternut squash soup and wild mushroom. Their salads include a butter lettuce salad dressed with aged balsamic Roquefort vinaigrette and roasted organic baby beet salad with citrus vinaigrette, all before the main course!

Some of their mouth-watering entrees include their aged beef filet mignon and their signature lobster risotto, seared salmon with turnip puree served with seasonal vegetables, lobster nage, and chive essence. You may not know what lobster nage or chive essence is but you know they sound divine.

Multiple Course Chef Tours

One of the unique dining experiences offered by Wolfgang Puck Café Menu has definitely got to be their Multiple Course Chef Tours. Two are offered, one California Tour and one Austrian Tour. Both will take you on a culinary exploration of flavors.

The California Tour

The California Tour has four courses. The California Tour menu is: wild mushroom soup for the first course, the butter lettuce salad for the second course and for the third course you get to choose between oven-roasted organic chicken or seared salmon with turnip puree. For dessert, because all feasts must have dessert, you can enjoy Wolfgang Puck’s Baked Alaska made with meringue covered gelato and served with fresh berries.

The Austrian Tour

The Austrian Tour has three courses. The Austrian Tour menu includes Wolfgang Puck’s butternut squash soup for your first course, Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein for your entrée served with sides of warm potato salad, baby mache, and mustard-caper sauce. As your happy ending, you can enjoy chocolate lava cake with caramel ice cream.

If you have a special dietary need to be met remember to make a reservation at least 48 hours in advance, which is also important if you want to ensure you get a table. In fact reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance, so once you know you want to go to Wolfgang Puck at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, don’t be afraid to get proactive about it. Also, remember that bundling your Disney Dining Plan in with a Magic Your Way Vacation Package can save 30% – 50%. Even better the Disney Dining Plan, prepaid as part of your package, is accepted at both Wolfgang Puck Express and Café. So now you have no excuse at all not to stop in and try this fine fusion food!