Why Disney Dining Is More Than Just Hamburgers

Fortunately, the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is no typical amusement park.  It is a theme park, and it has many more food options then you might ever imagine.

Many people think that Disney World must offer only fast food, or as it is often known by its alternative names – counter service, or quick service dining.  That is an understandable mistake.  Disney World does have plenty of counter service food locations.  If you are walking around any of Disney’s Theme Parks, including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you will indeed see plenty of fast food locations.  However, these are just the tip of the dining iceberg.  There are many other options.

To prove the point, let’s look at some of the most unique dining options that counter in the concept that Disney World only serves up hamburgers and hot dogs.

Victoria and Albert’s

Let’s begin at the top of the food chain (pun intended).  Arguably the finest gourmet dining at Disney World, and a restaurant that can give any restaurants anywhere in a run for its money, is the spectacularly opulent Victoria and Albert’s restaurant located inside Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  Consistently rated by the Automotive Club as a five diamond establishment, this is a place where gentlemen must wear jackets and ladies are frequently seen in fine evening gowns.  Dining here is not a grab and go experience.  It typically lasts at least two hours, and it includes multiple courses prepared by Chef Hunnel using the finest market ingredients. The Pre Fixe meals begin at $125 per person, and go up from their depending on whether you include wine pairings or a visit to the exclusive chef’s table.  If you are looking for the finest of dining –the opposite of quick service hamburgers –then Victoria and Albert’s is for you.

Jiko The Cooking Place

Let’s say that you don’t want to spend quite the time or money required for an experience at Victoria and Albert’s.  And perhaps you are looking for something more than typical American fare.  And perhaps you are a wine connoisseur.  If so, you might be tempted by the unique flavors of African cooking prepared in traditional wood burning ovens.   Jiko at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge might just be for you.  This fine dining establishment has a wine list so extensive that it has been given an award of excellence by Wine Spectator magazine.

Jiko offers unique African-inspired dishes and a huge wine list.
Jiko offers unique African-inspired dishes and a huge wine list.

While Victoria and Albert’s or Jiko are incredible dining experiences, they are admittedly a bit expensive.  What else can we tell you to convince you that Disney World is more than just hamburgers?  Consider Babycakes, NYC, located in Disney Springs.  If you were to look in the window you would see delicious looking pastries – everything from cupcakes to cookies, from loaves of bread to brownies.  That sounds good, but he’s a really unique?  The answer is definitely yes.  Because while these pastries are delicious, there also designed for guests who have special dietary needs.  These treats are prepared in many ways to supports everything from the dairy-free to egg-free, from spelt-free to soy-free, and from vegan to agave-sweetened.  If you have special dietary needs that prevents you from indulging in pastries, or if you are simply looking to eat something delicious that is just a bit healthier than normal, than Babycakes NYC might just be for you.

More Than Hamburgers

After reading about a few of these amazing Disney World dining options, we hope you will agree that Disney World is not your typical amusement park – either when it comes to attractions or when it comes to food.  Far beyond the typical offerings of hamburgers and hot dogs, the Walt Disney World Resort provides world-class choices to fit the budget, palette, and dietary needs of nearly any hungry traveler.