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Four Reasons to Buy a Disney Annual Pass Even if You Don’t Live in Florida

If you love to visit Disney World, you’re always looking for ways to save money on trips so you can visit again and again. If you haven’t considered buying an annual pass as one of those ways to save, you may be missing out.

Some people think that you can only get your money’s worth out of an Annual Pass if you live in the state of Florida, but this isn’t necessarily true. Even those who live outside of Florida – even far away – can benefit from an annual pass.

Let’s take a look at four reasons to buy an annual pass even if you don’t live in Florida.

1. Go multiple times a year

Perhaps the best reason to buy an annual pass for Disney World is if you visit multiple times within a 365 day period, regardless of where you live.

While an annual pass is expensive, buying tickets is expensive, too. In fact, if you visit just two times with four-day park hoppers, you’ll pay for your annual pass. When you add on the price of a Memory Maker, which is included with your annual pass, you’ll actually save money in just two four-day trips.

Also keep in mind that a year is 365 days. If you schedule a visit in January this year and don’t visit again until the end of December next year, you’ll still be within your year.

2. Discounts

Annual Passholders get perks beyond tickets. You’ll also get discounts on Disney resort hotels, Disney World restaurants, souvenirs (up to 20%), backstage magic tours, dinner shows, water parks, golfing, recreation, and spas. Plus you get free MemoryMaker for every Disney vacation you take!

Many people forgo these events because they’re too expensive when added to park tickets and resort costs, but if you have an annual pass, these extras suddenly come into reach.

There are so many benefits to having an annual pass!
There are so many benefits to having an annual pass!

3. Convenient transportation

It’s unlikely that you’ll find any other vacation destination that makes getting there so easy especially if you’re flying. You’ll find that Orlando International Airport (MCO) is a really nice airport with lots of good restaurants and shopping.  Disney offers easy transportation to and from the airport and Walt Disney World Resort via Disney’s Magical Express.

If you are staying on Disney property, there’s no need for a rental car. Disney buses service every Disney Resort Hotel, and some have monorail and ferry access.

All that said, if you’re driving to Disney parks yourself, or are staying off-site, having an annual pass will save you a ton of money on parking at the parks.  Without an annual pass, you’ll pay $20 a day for standard parking.

4. Quick and Easy

Too many people consider Disney World a once in a lifetime vacation. Having an annual pass means you can take a quick weekend get-away or a two-week extended vacation. Either way, one of your biggest expenses will be lodging, which you’ll get a discount on as an AP holder.

Take your time enjoying the little details of the parks and your resort because you’ll know you’ll be back. You don’t have to pack everything into a few days, which really isn’t possible anyways.

Do you only have a few hours left in the morning of your last vacation day?  Go check out the parks with your Annual Pass;  you won’t feel like you are ‘wasting’ a day of a full price ticket.

Having an annual pass means the magic of The Happiest Place on Earth is never very far away.

Do you live outside of Florida and have a Disney annual pass?