What To Expect from the New Flying Fish and AbracadaBar

The Boardwalk is home to delicious restaurants like Big River Grille and Brewing Works and Trattoria al Forno along with some great quick-service options like the Pizza Window, BoardWalk Bakery, and (one of my personal favorites) Beaches and Cream.

One of the best eateries here though is Flying Fish Café. This fun boardwalk-themed restaurant is reminiscent of times gone by, and it’s about to get even better.

Flying Fish Café closed in January 2016 and will be closed for almost a year for a total makeover.

When it reopens in November 2016 as Flying Fish, this former café will be a more sophisticated table-service restaurant.

The Food

Along with the makeover will come a new Chef- Chef Tim Majoras. He’s created a menu that will continue the tradition of mouth-watering seafood with seared yellow fin tuna with compressed watermelon along with a Fruits of the Sea appetizer with rock shrimp, Florida clams, grouper cheek, mussels, a splash of brandy, and rich lobster stock on a bed of celery root puree.

Since the restaurant will be larger than before, there will be more room for a larger selection of wines.

There are, however, a few things we hope don’t change. Some say that Flying Fish’s steak rivaled that of the steakhouses on property. Hopefully Chef will keep that on the menu! I also hope that the open kitchen concept doesn’t change. It is fun to sit at the counter and watch the chefs create beautiful plates.

Get ready for a new Flying Fish!
Get ready for a new Flying Fish!

The Lounge

Where there used to be a candy and ice cream shop, a new lounge will open up next door.

The AbracadaBar, as the story goes, was a favorite watering hole for traveling magicians and illusionists and their assistants. They would gather here after shows to create new cocktails and swap tricks.

Then one fateful night as the performers were trying out new tricks, they all vanished, and the bar sat empty for 70 years.

Now, AbracadaBar has been revived, and guests can experience some of the amazing cocktails along with some special Disney tricks. Don’t forget to check out the show posters, magic mirrors, and vintage décor! You never know what magic Disney may conjure up!

Are you excited to visit the new Flying Fish and AbracadaBar?