What to do when You Lose Something at Disney World

There are several things you can do before you ever leave home to improve the odds of reuniting with your valuables if you should become separated from them.

However, even if you don’t plan ahead, there are several actions you can take to help get your stuff back after you’ve lost it.

Here are some important tips and information on what to do when you lose something at Disney World.

1 – Take Pictures of Your Stuff

You should take photographs of your Disney theme park admission tickets, travel documents (airline tickets, passports, etc.), and also the possessions in your luggage. Why? In the case of park tickets, by recording the identifying numbers you can more easily get Disney to reissue your tickets if you lose them. If you have no way to identify your specific tickets, Disney has no way to help you. In the same way, if you have the numbers from your travel documents you have a better chance of getting replacements.  As far as your luggage goes, if you have to live through the nightmare of losing your luggage, you can easily document to the airline the contents of your luggage. With the convenience of cameras on our phones as well as the digital cameras we use for vacation photography, there is no excuse to not taking a few minutes to snap quick pictures of your tickets, travel documents, and luggage. If you lose something along the way, these pictures will be a huge help to you.

If you've lost something at Disney World, Guest Relations is one of the places to check.
If you’ve lost something at Disney World, Guest Relations is one of the places to check.

2 – Label Your Stuff

While they aren’t necessarily beautiful, using a permanent label (like the kind you use to label kid’s clothes when they go off to camp) and a permanent marker to note your name and phone number on important possessions like cameras, phones, and other valuables can help reconnect you with your possessions if they get lost. You would be surprised at how many good-hearted folks with actually go out of their way to help reconnect you to your possessions, but that can only happen if you give them a way to make it happen.

3 – Check Your Stuff When You Move

Another way to be prepared is to do a quick inventory of your valuables when you pick up and move from one place to another. After you get off of an attraction, after you finish your meal, and after you finish paying for something, do a quick check of your pockets. If you know you should have your wallet or purse, your camera, and your phone, stop for a moment to confirm you still have all three of these things. This will help make sure you don’t leave anything behind, or if you do leave something behind, it will help you realize it as soon as possible.

4 – Retrace Your Steps

If you realize you’ve lost something not long ago, retrace your steps; go back to where you think you lost it – whether it is a restaurant, attraction, or store. Ask the Disney Cast member if they have seen your item.

Sometime retracing your steps can help you locate your lost item.
Sometimes retracing your steps can help you locate your lost item.

5 – Check Guest Relations

Even if you don’t find your item by retracing you steps, it does not mean all is lost. Ever few hours Disney gathers items that are lost throughout the parks and moves them to the main Guest Relations office at the front of the park where they were found. Since this process could take several hours depending on the timing of when your items was picked up and when the last sweep took place, don’t be afraid to stop by Guest Relations several times throughout the day.

6 – Check Central Lost and Found

If you don’t realize that you lost something until the next day, call Disney’s Central Lost And Found. This office is located at the Ticket and Transportation Center. Each night all the items lost from all the theme parks are brought to this office. Again, don’t be shy about checking in with this office several times, even across several days. Sometimes your item isn’t found by someone right away, and there can be delays in items moving from the place they were lost, to each park’s Guest Relations office, to the Central Lost and Found.

7 – See If Disney Follows Up

Finally, Disney will sometimes follow up with you if they find your item and haven’t heard from you – especially for items left behind in Disney Resort hotel rooms (since they know you were the last person to occupy the room, and they have your contact information) and for items labeled with your name and contact information (aren’t you glad you followed the instructions in step 2 above and you labeled your stuff?).

If you’ve lost something at Disney World, don’t give up hope. By following the tips above, you’ve got the best chance of being reunited with your stuff.

Have you ever lost – or found – something at Disney World?