What To Do When Disney World Parks are Closed Due to Capacity

When a park closes due to capacity, there are four phases of closings:

In a Phase 1 closing, guests with Magic Your Way base tickets, one day/one park tickets, or no tickets and Cast Members using Main Gate and Silver passes will be turned away at the parking lot booths.

Phase 2 closing admission is limited to WDW resort guests or passholders. Guests with park-hopper tickets re-entering or crossing over from another WDW theme park, and guests with Memory Maker, dining reservations, or Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Harmony Barber Shop, or Pirates League reservations will also be admitted.

In Phase 3, only Disney Resort guests, passholders, guests with dining reservations, and Magic Kingdom guests with Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or Pirates League reservations will be admitted.

During a Phase 4 closure, the park is closed to all guests.

If a park is in phase one through three closing, not all hope is lost though! So how can you get into the park even if it’s “closed?” Here are ten suggestions.

1. Get there early

If you or your little ones have your heart set on visit a specific park during a very busy time, be in line before the park opens and don’t leave.

Arriving early will improve your chances of getting into the park before it reaches capacity.
Arriving early will improve your chances of getting into the park before it reaches capacity.

2. Be Flexible

If a park closes due to capacity, consider visiting another park that day and trying again another day.

3. Once a parking lot is full, it’s full

If you arrive at a park and the lights are blinking indicating that the park is closed, go to another lot.

For example, if you’re trying to get into Magic Kingdom but it’s closed, park at Epcot. Hop on the monorail as quickly as possible, and head back to Magic Kingdom. If you still aren’t granted admission to Magic Kingdom, you can still visit Epcot or Hollywood Studios, which is accessible by water taxi from Epcot.

4. Use Disney Transportation

Using Disney transportation is your best bet to get into a park that is in a closure. Perhaps the park isn’t full but the parking lot is. In this case, you can’t park your car at the park, but you may be granted admittance.

5. Prevent Traffic Jams

If all guests read the signs and pay attention to the rules, it will make things easier for everyone. When arriving at the parks, follow Cast Members directions as they point you to the correct lanes.  Preventing traffic jams will keep order and ensure that you’ll end up in the right place eventually.

6. Don’t count on the park reopening

In a Phase 4 closing, the park will only reopen after people leave. There’s no telling how long that will take, so don’t count on it.

7. Magic Kingdom usually closes first

Everyone wants to go to Magic Kingdom, so that park usually closes first. At least one park always stays open, so refer to number two, and be flexible.

When Magic Kingdom is closed due to capacity, try another park.
When Magic Kingdom is closed due to capacity, try another park.

8. Check other closings

Just because one park is closed doesn’t mean others are closed. If Magic Kingdom is closed, check Epcot next since it is easily accessible via the parking lot or the monorail. Hollywood Studios would be the one to check next since you can take a water taxi from Epcot. Finally, Animal Kingdom isn’t close by, but it hardly ever closes due to capacity.

9. Don’t park hop

On days that parks are super busy, arrive early and don’t leave until you’re done for the day. If you leave or park hop, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be granted admission back into the park or even into another park.

10. Remember where you parked

The last thing you want to do after a nice long day in Disney World is spend hours finding your car. Snap a picture or remember a landmark so you can find your car at the end of the day.

Have you ever been in a park when it’s closed due to capacity?