Be Our Guest Restaurant

Video Shows Development Of Disney World Be Our Guest Restaurant

Modeled after the popular animated film Beauty and the Beast, the restaurant will have several different dining rooms representing different scenes from the movie.

In the video below, Imagineer Ted Robledo talks about a huge painting that helps transport guests to a different time and place – a snowy and stary night in a valley in France that takes you to the location of the movie.

The artists who created the mural initially developed on a computer as a digital painting.  His instruction was to make the scene look realistic, but still with a touch of fantasy.  The file was projected onto the canvas at the Scenic Shops at Disney’s Hollywood Studios where the painters recreated the image by hand with brushes and paint.

The Be Our Guest restaurant is located beneath Beast's Castle.
The Be Our Guest restaurant is located beneath Beast’s Castle.

The mural was installed behind windows, so it looks as if you are in the famous ballroom from Beauty and the Beast, looking out into the countryside.

Interestingly, the restaurant will be a quick service / fast food location during lunch time and will transform into a sit down table service for dinner time.