Vacation To Disney World

Vacation to Disney World

You need to think about how to get there, where to stay, what to eat, what parks to visit, where to shop – and that’s before you even considered the dozens of events and attractions that are separate from the parks.

Sweating bullets yet? Take a chill pill! Your family can enjoy a Disney World vacation without your having a coronary trying to sort all of your options out. First, assess your family’s vacation needs, second, assess your budget, third pick out a Disney authorized travel agency, and last, ask them to help you book a Magic Your Way package. These 4 simple steps will make planning your family’s Disney vacation a breeze.

Step 1: Assess Your Family’s Needs

As cold and calculating as this may sound, it is possible to break each member of your family down by age, wants, and needs.  In fact, it is a smart and helpful thing to do so that you can understand and meet their needs.

Planning your Disney vacation doesn't have to be difficult.
Planning your Disney vacation doesn’t have to be difficult.

For example, if you have a 5 year old daughter, she is, well, 5 years old. She needs a bed to sleep in. She’s not picky, and she’s probably willing to share. She needs food to eat, but she probably loves chicken fingers more than she could enjoy fire roasted vegetables in white wine sauce or some other equally expensive and fancy dish. She wants to be a princess more than anything else in the world, has been known to watch the the Disney logos 20 times in a row just to see the part where the fireworks go across the castle.

Since she is so young, her theme park ticket will be cheap. Since she has no preference about the resort hotel she stays in, or what she eats – as long as it’s chicken fingers – her dining plan and lodging needs will be easily met. The attraction she needs to experience is the Bibbity Bobbity Boo Salon in The Marketplace Area of Disney Springs where they will give her a Disney Princess Makeover. The theme park she needs to visit is the Magic Kingdom, home to Cinderella’s Castle. The special event she needs to witness is the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert party.

For your son, who is 10, and loves sports, you would want to be sure he gets to visit the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Also, he has recently started making his own dining choices and thinks he’s a vegetarian – at least this month. Buffet style eateries like the 1900 Fare, the Trail’s End Restaurant, and Boma – Flavors of Africa will be best. That way he can pick and choose what he wants to eat, and there is still something for the rest of you. Your son also insists that your resort hotel have a pool, so something like Disney’s All-Store Sports resort hotel would be perfect. He probably also wouldn’t mind access to DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park – where he can play unlimited video games, both old and new.

You and your spouse would then have to discuss what you would like to get out of your family’s Disney World Vacation Package. What theme parks would you like to visit? Are you animal lovers, hoping to enjoy Animal Kingdom‘s 500 acres, which are home to 250 different species? Perhaps you are nostalgic and desire to visit Hollywood Studios. If this is a romantic getaway, making sure your meal plan includes signature and fine dining, and perhaps a romantic fireworks show.  When it comes to resort hotels, are you content with a funky themed value resort hotel that will please your kids or are you more interested in something classier, like the Grand Floridian Resort Hotel and Spa?

Initially, coordinating these needs into a vacation package that makes everyone happy seems like a daunting, if not impossible task. Don’t fret, just set this needs assessment aside.

Step 2: Budget Assessment

The next assessment to be made is that of your budget. Being aware of how much money you have to spend will make the planning process go even more smoothly. There are Disney World vacation packages to fit all kinds of budgets, from thrifty packages to the deluxe. Having an idea of your budget will help you and your travel agent make crucial decisions about your family’s vacation. Also, be honest with yourself about your financial status – don’t increase your stress by spending more that your means. You will either feel pressure during your vacation or after, and neither option is good.  All levels of Disney vacation are the tops, even if they are value packages.

Step 3: Find a Disney Authorized Travel Agent

Especially if this is your first trip to Disney World – or your first trip in a long time – a travel agent can be extremely valuable in planning your Walt Disney World Vacation. Not only will an authorized Disney vacation planner have up to date, thorough experience and know-how when it comes to special offers and vacation packages, they will also be able to help you take that scary list of family vacation needs and coordinate them. A Disney authorized travel agent is about as magical as they come. You won’t believe how helpful and knowledgeable they are.  Want to know the best thing about a Disney authorized travel agent? They’re toll free, and there is no charge for using their services.

Step 4: The Magic Your Way Package

A Magic Your Way package from Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is the best way to simplify your vacation planning, as well as reduce the stress you may experience during your vacation. This vacation package allows you to bundle the cost of your lodging, meals, and theme park tickets into one price, and the package, on average, will save you 30% – 50%. They are customizable, so you can ask your travel agent to help you book one that is tailored to your family’s vacation needs.

The Magic Your Way Package also allows you to include additional discounts. This includes a reduced price for booking in the off season or on certain days of the week. It also can include Florida resident discounts, which can save you up to 50% if you are lucky enough to live in Florida. If you are not, there may be other additional ways to save. Ask your travel agent for other special offers and discounts that may apply to you.

If your family loves to travel, you may also want to consider checking out the Disney Vacation Club. It saves you money not only at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, but at hundreds of destinations world wide.

Simple Steps To A Simply Wonderful Vacation

Disney vacations may seem overwhelming and stressful to plan, but the memories you and your family share there will be well worth it. Plus, with 4 simple steps, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and some money too.