Vacation Package Disney

Vacation Package Disney

Sounds basic enough, yet somehow, there is a giddy excitement – a tight feeling in your stomach that makes you grin like an idiot. The promise of what this package contains, of what it may give you, even though it’s probably socks, is so wonderful and exciting, because once in a blue moon, it’s truly that thing that you really wanted more than anything. Putting gifts in packages heightens the enjoyment of the experience of receiving them.

If you love getting gifts – that come in packages – brace yourself, because Walt Disney World Resort in sunny Orlando, Florida has a package for you. One that will totally blow the lid off of any other gift you’ve ever received – a vacation package for Disney called Disney’s Magic Your Way Vacation Package.

Vacation packages can save money and planning time.
Vacation packages can save money and planning time.

The Magic Your Way Package is the best way to save money and hassle on your family’s dream Disney vacation. This vacation packages allows you to bundle the cost and arrangements for almost anything: theme park tickets, a stay at one of Disney’s luxurious resort hotels, dining plans, and more. Plus it comes with some special bonus benefits that make it even more valuable!

Base Ticket

The Magic Your Way Walt Disney World Vacation Package starts with the base ticket. The base ticket is fairly self explanatory. It is good for 1 theme park ticket per guest per day covered by the package. You can group the cost of your family’s tickets into 1 base ticket, which not only makes it easier to keep track of, but also reduces the cost, sometimes by up to 50%!

Dining Plans

You can also add a dining plan for your family into the cost of your vacation package. This is an easy way to save on dining – an average of up to 30% – and an easy way to ensure that you don’t spend too much or too little enjoying Disney’s literally dozens of restaurants covered by the plan.

Resort Hotels

Another important way that the Magic Your Way Package will give you convenience, comfort, and savings is to bundle in your stay at one of Disney World’s resort hotels. If you would like to keep it basic, your Magic Your Way Package can be set up to cover a room in one of Disney’s value resort hotels or campgrounds. If you’re going all out, book a stay at one of Disney’s deluxe resort hotels or better yet their deluxe villas!

As well as the convenience factor, there is some fun for guests of all ages in rooming at a Disney resort hotel. Some offer character dining, pools, children’s activity centers, and a channel playing Disney movies 24/7, while others offer more adult things to enjoy, such as an attached spa, more fine dining, and romantic getaway spots.

Above And Beyond

So, when it comes to your family’s Orlando vacation, those are kind of the basics – food, shelter, and theme parks. But what are vacation packages for if not to give you more than your base needs? This isn’t just an Orlando vacation package, it’s a Disney World vacation package! Here are some additional special offers, customization options, and discounts you can receive when you book your family’s Magic Your Way Package.

The Park Hopper Bonus Ticket

One such customization option is the Park Hopper Bonus Tickets, which expands upon the original base ticket. Rather than admission to 1 park per day, each guest covered by the package gets access to all four of Disney’s theme parks per day: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With the Walt Disney World Resort Park Hopper bonus, you can go to as many parks as you can get to over the course of a day.

Water Park Fun & More

Nothing feels better after a long day of fun in the sun than enjoying Disney’s two world famous water parks – Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Each water park features a themed and decorated expanse of slides, rides, and cool treats. They are the most visited water parks in the entire world! The Water Park Fun & More option grants you a select number of accesses to these parks, the DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park, the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, and Disney’s 9-Hole Golf Course based on the length of your stay.

What else?

Along with all of these options, the Magic Your Way package comes with even more great stuff that makes it the creme de la creme of Disney World vacation packages.

Shopping Delivery

Because the shopping at Walt Disney World resort is so exceptional, you will inevitably buy armloads of apparel, souvenirs, plush toys and the like. But who wants to carry armloads of stuff around in the Florida heat? Well, thanks to your Magic Your Way package, you don’t have to. You can have your purchases delivered to your resort hotel, rather than carting it around with you all day! You won’t have to limit your shopping based on what you and your family can successfully haul around miles of theme park any longer!

Disney Marina Discounts

With your Magic Your Way package, you receive a 15% discount on your boat rentals from Disney’s Marina.

Florida Resident Discount

If you are a Florida Resident, you get extra discounts on almost everything at Walt Disney World – resort hotels, meals, tickets to Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba, and Disney’s other live entertainment. This does not exclude a discount on the already discounted price of the Magic Your Way Package. You should consider yourself lucky if you are from the sunny state of Florida. Disney will reward you for vacationing close to home with discounts on top of your discounts.

As if this Walt Disney World Resort Vacation Package couldn’t be any better, you also receive a meal voucher and souvenir keepsake luggage tag for each member of your family. A Magic Your Way Ticket will be the best gift you ever got in a package – convenient, affordable, and filled with fun!