Vacation At Disney World

Vacation at Disney

After browsing through website after website and taking pages and pages of notes of copious, calculating into your budget for the year how you will make this veritable expedition to Walt Disney World Resort worth the pretty pennies you’ll be throwing at it, a Disney vacation may start to seem like more trouble that it is worth.

This could not be farther from the truth! With all of Disney’s special offers and vacation packages, planning and paying for your Disney vacation is more simple and organized than you could have ever dreamed of.

Opportunity Cost

Here is a cost that you would rarely think to include when figuring the cost of a vacation – Opportunity Cost. While it’s true that a Walt Disney World vacation may cost more than a trip to some of the U.S.’s other fine vacationing spots – i.e. Yellowstone, Las Vegas, New York City (to name but a scant few) you have to think about what you are missing out on by NOT going to Walt Disney World Resort. For example, JUST comparing it the opportunities offered by a vacation in Yellowstone, Las Vegas, or New York City, Disney World has everything that those places can provide and more, and all in one vacation spot.

Disney World provides many great vacation experiences, all in one location.
Disney World provides many great vacation experiences, all in one location.

Going Head to Head Against Walt Disney World

Las Vegas has luxury hotels, famous buffets, and glitzy stage shows. Walt Disney World resort has THE finest in resort hotels, from the deluxe seaside Beach Club Resort to the moderate French Quarter style Port Orleans Resort. As for famous buffets, many of the top of the line Disney dining options offer buffets – in casual dining, 1900 Fare and Biergarten Restaurant, and in character dining, Cape Café May and Hollywood Vine, to name a few.

As for glitzy stage shows, Disney’s got all the glam, minus the tacky Vegas sequenced showgirls. Most prominently, Disney has a permanent installation of Cirque Du Soleil, a show called “La Nouba” which translates to, “Live it up!” If that’s not Vegas’s mantra, what is? Throw in Disney’s fireworks, parades, and its surprisingly hopping nightlife, and Vegas has got nothing on Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Yellowstone has animals, camping and Old Faithtful. Walt Disney World Resort has Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, which is 500 acres of lush habitat, home to 1700 animals from 250 different species – and unlike Yellowstone, they aren’t lurking outside your tent, waiting to raid your cooler when you least expect it. Disney World also has camping, from cabin to RV to tent-style at their Fort Wilderness resort. Disney’s campgrounds spread across 750 acres of woodlands, complete with hiking, fire pits and the calming sense of being “away from it all.” As for Old Faithful, Walt Disney has a 50-foot geyser that erupts every half hour, through a ship, in a water park. That’s right, the Miss Tilly, impaled precariously atop Mount Mayday in Walt Disney World Resorts Typhoon Lagoon water park has an old, faithful geyser in it too.

As for New York City, the oh-so-trendy and often not-too-friendly city that never sleeps can offer fine dining, Broadway shows, and shopping, right? As far as Broadway style musicals goes, you can take in Beauty and the Beast, the Festival of the Lion King, the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and Finding Nemo – the musical, as well as Disney Channel Rocks, the street show full of dancing, color and a great soundtrack!

Walt Disney’s fine and signature dining events and experience are the tops – from the romantic and rustic Bistro de Paris and Artist’s Point to the sophisticated and intimate Chef’s Table at Victoria and Albert’s and Citricos. Disney and dining go hand in hand with hundreds of the finest, freshest dining choices to suit the tastes of Disney’s guests, ages 4 to 84.

As for shopping, Disney has everything. They’ve got hundreds of shops featuring everything from candy to kitch to fashion to toys to genuinely exotic handcrafted goods from around the world. Disney shopping provides everything you could hope for and more.

It would take 3 separate vacations to 3 separate places to get everything you could get from just 1 vacation to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Disney World Vacation Packages

So now that a summary of the opportunity costs has wiped any doubt from your mind of whether or not your Walt Disney World Vacation is worth it, let’s be real. It is expensive, but Disney offers a variety of ways to save on vacation packages.

Magic Your Way Package

The most prominent of the Disney World vacation packages is the Magic Your Way Ticket package. This ticket package allows you one theme park ticket per day per person, and cost is based on number of persons and length of stay. This package allows you to bundle the cost of your dining, lodging, and theme park tickets and usually reduces the overall costs of your vacation by 30% – 50%.

Florida Resident Discounts

If you are fortunate enough to be from the sunny state of Florida, Walt Disney offers you
discounts on tickets & packages for vacationing in your own backyard, so to speak.

Disney Vacation Club

The Walt Disney Vacation club is a cost-friendly, points based vacation club system, designed to reduce the overall cost of your vacation to not just Walt Disney World Resort, but other vacation destinations as well.

A Great Opportunity And A Good Value

Consider a Disney World vacation package to cut down on real cost, and consider all that you’re saving in opportunity cost to make the most of your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation! A Walt Disney World Vacation is like a vacationing tour of the U.S., with the best of all possible worlds, and has theme parks, attractions, restaurants, hotels, quality service, and shops to meet the needs of just about everyone.