When you visit Disney World, you probably see many many similar merchandise items like Minnie Mouse t-shirts, Mickey Mouse coffee mugs, and the Donald Duck keychains.

Are you looking for something different?  Do you want to bring home something really unique from your next Disney vacation?

Check out these four shops on your next vacation. They’re so unique in their merchandise, you probably can’t find it anywhere else!

Let’s take a look!

4. Basin

Basin is a bath and beauty shop with a ton of different things you need to look and feel your best. Beyond delicious aromas you’ll find facial scrubs, bath bombs, shampoo and conditioner bars, and even complimentary samples so you can try before you buy! They usually run sales (a nice change for any location on Disney property), and all of their items are mix and match so you can get all of your favorite items in all of your favorite scents!

Sure, there are other bath and beauty stores around, but there are only four Basin stores in the continental United States, and Disney World has two of them! That’s right! Basin in Disney Springs and Basin White in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The other two are in Las Vegas.

Check out unique bath products at Basin.
Check out unique bath products at Basin.

3. La Bottega Italiana

La Bottega in Epcot‘s World Showcase sells some awesome Italian gifts. This isn’t unique to the Italy pavilion, of course, since the other country pavilions also sell country-specific merchandise, but this one is my favorite.

It may be small, but it packs a big punch! The store is split into two rooms. One room sells Italian wine and spirits along with wine accessories, and the other room offers up home goods, cookbooks, guidebooks, keychains, jewelry, and Italian desserts! Yum!

The shops in Italy offer very unique items.
The shops in Italy offer plenty of unique items.

2. Mambasa Marketplace

Disney’s Animal Kingdom may be the largest Disney theme park at 500 acres, but most of this land is taken up by animals, and we aren’t complaining about that! However, there are still plenty of places to shop for souvenirs.

One of my favorite shops, though, is Mambasa Marketplace and the new addition- Zuri’s Sweet Shop. They’re located in Harambe Village in Animal Kingdom’s Africa and serve as the central retail location in the area.

Mambasa is so much fun because it sells authentic African clothing, instruments, and art. It also sells CDs of the African musicians that play outside of the shop throughout the day.

1. Themed Merchandise Locations

I’ll lump these together, but they get the number one spot on my list because they’re what Disney is all about. Memento Mori, Tatooine Traders, and Tower Hotel Gifts take some of Disney’s most popular attractions and turn them into some of the best souvenirs you can find. Why? Because they are truly “Disney.”

Memento Mori sells themed merchandise from the Haunted Mansion. You’ll find china, clothing, pins, and decorations. Some of my favorite items here are the pillows with fun sayings. What better way to spice up your mansion than with some Haunted Mansion décor?! The most unique thing here, though, is the opportunity to buy a photo of the Mr. Gracey effect.

Get your fill of Haunted Mansion merchandise at Memento Mori.
Get your fill of Haunted Mansion merchandise at Memento Mori.

Tatooine Traders, outside of the Star Tours: The Adventure Continues attraction, is your one-stop-shop for all things Star Wars. Of course, you’ll find clothing and action figures, but you’ll also see photos from the Star Wars movies. They even have a build-your-own-lightsaber section with a variety of personalized options! Move over Harry Potter’s wand!

Last, but not least, Tower Hotel Gifts will make you feel like you’re shopping at a five-star hotel’s gift shop with souvenirs including luxurious bathrobes, hotel mugs, board games, and Do Not Disturb signs. If you’re a fan of this attraction, you’ll want to stop in and pick up something to take home… if you dare.

What’s your favorite unique Disney World merchandise location?