Top Nine Free Things at Disney Resort Hotels

There are plenty of advantages to staying at a Disney Resort hotel.  From the assurance of a clean and quality experience to looking for magical Disney details, Disney knows how to do resorts right.

Beyond these intangibles, there are plenty of free services that Disney offers at its resorts. You might not take advantage of all these freebies, but they are good to have when you want them or need them.

1 – Airport Transfer

Disney’s Magical Express will provide you with free transportation from the Orlando International Airport to your Disney resort at the start of your trip, and will return you to the airport at the end of your trip. They will also transfer your luggage from your flight directly to your hotel room. You need to reserve this service in advance, and using it generally means that you chose to forgo a rental car (which probably isn’t a bad thing, since you can get everywhere you want to go with free on-property transportation).

Free perks of staying at a Disney resort include transportation to and from the airport.
Free perks of staying at a Disney resort include transportation to and from the airport.

2 – On-Property Transportation

Speaking of free transportation, that is our next Disney resort freebie. You can take advantage of free on-property transportation with all the buses, Disney monorails, and boats to get from your resort to the theme parks and Disney Springs. It’s all free. Plus, you leave the driving and navigating to someone else, allowing you a bit more time to relax.

3 – Parking

If you chose to drive to Disney World or rent a car locally, you can park for free not only at your Disney hotel but also at the theme parks. Since Disney charges $17 a day for parking (maybe even more depending on when you are reading this), this perk alone can pay for the extra premium Disney charges for its hotels.

4 – WiFi

Yes, WiFi Internet access seems like standard fare these days, but it is nice to know that you can get free WiFi Internet access at all the Disney Resort hotels and theme parks.

5 – Package Delivery

I think this one is terrific. Let’s imagine you find the perfect souvenir early in the morning when visiting Epcot, but it’s heavy, bulky, or fragile. Maybe you just don’t want the hassle of carrying the darn thing around with all day. If you are staying at a Disney resort, that’s no problem. Disney will deliver your treasure directly to your hotel room for no extra fee. I actually tested this once a long time ago by purchasing a piece of fudge at the Main Street Confectionery. I wondered – would they deliver this low-cost purchase for free? Would the delivery guy eat it along the way? I’m happy to report that my test was successful, and my fudge arrived safely in my hotel room.

6 – Luggage Transfer

If you are planning to stay at more than one Disney resort hotel during your stay, bell services can help you out by transferring your luggage between Disney resorts. Again, all free. However, you probably want to leave a tip.

Disney will move your luggage for you.
Disney will move your luggage for you.

7 – Luggage Storage

If you are checking in or out early, you can also have bell services temporarily store your luggage until you are ready for it. You might only need this if you are driving yourself. If you are using Disney’s Magical Express, they will transfer your luggage directly into your room or to your airplane.

8 – Extra Entertainment

Depending on the resort, you can enjoy free campfires (Disney’s Fort Wilderness), movies (Disney’s Polynesian Resort among others), tours (Disney’s Wilderness Lodge among others), fireworks (Magic Kingdom area resorts), and animal viewings (Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge). Many resorts have programs that offer extra entertainment, again at no extra cost.

9 – Extra Magic Hours

This last one falls in to the “money can’t buy” category. If you stay at a Disney resort, you can enter a select theme park early or stay late. This free perk is only available to guests staying at Disney resorts, which means that crowds exclude the general public during these times.

So Disney resorts can be expensive, but they do offer plenty of bang for the buck.

Do you enjoy staying at Disney Resort Hotels?